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The world of the Apocalypse

Covered with rust cars and escaping from the concrete slabs of mutated weeds, the narrow streets filled with a slow and incredibly aggressive dead and abandoned farms and villages with the resources and shelters – the universe network blockbuster Last Day on Earth: Survival for Android a few years ago survived the Apocalypse. Someone fighting for the rest of our supplies and medicines, someone needs some kind of imaginary predatory reputation or abandoned base on the edge of the world. Motives at all different, but one thing is clear – about friendship, love and help can only dream...

New human life in the Last Day on Earth: Survival born to the moment of choice of a game server (a paragraph is not too important for survival in splendid isolation, but if I wanted to cooperating with friends, it is better to remember all the details of the future passing). Then the users will give some beggar in his underwear and, without prompting, any hints and suggestions will be sent to explore the rich and amazingly diverse universe. The main goal – to survive at any cost, but rather to survive alive as long as possible. Ways to increase chances of worldly existence the whole collection:

1. Asylum. To build found on the warehouse boards, some hand-picked branches and left in the way of details tiny house, closed the impenetrable door is the best way to survive a few nights in an unknown land, and at the same time to save the supplies and quietly to sleep. In addition, the cabin is easy to cook and share finds with friends...

2. Supplies. Hardly someone will have to persuade to collect all the items that appear on the way. It is better to gut some bags and suitcases, to get into the cars and parts to disassemble parts unknown mechanisms. Inside can be a healing kit, and some pieces of wood, and even clothing, food and rope. Further, all found little things come in handy during production or tools, or weapons, or equipment. Well, who would refuse a roomy backpack that can move seems to be the deer?

3. Provisions. Eager to monitor thirst, hunger or cold have almost always – if at least for a while to miss a meal or water, the main character dramatically lose a monstrous amount of strength, longer to run fast and to lose part of health, in a word, it is better to worry about every feature!

List the important nuances and rules, in General, literally to infinity – the skill of survival will have to study a very long time. But still need to explore the attractions, to engage in battle with clans and other players (and there's a war worse than dead) and be sure to invite your friends. Free action Last Day on Earth: Survival for android – perfect way to spend your free time with hundreds of varied assignments, cooperation, battles, stunning graphics and memorable combat mechanics – don't miss it!

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Last Day on Earth: SurvivalLast Day on Earth: SurvivalLast Day on Earth: SurvivalLast Day on Earth: SurvivalLast Day on Earth: Survival

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Download Last Day on Earth: Survival free

Скачиваний: 18

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Last Day on Earth: Survival

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4.1 and higher
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12 July 2017
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12 July 2017
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