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Town-planning simulator

What do you think, is it difficult to be a good mayor, to manage a huge metropolis with millions of inhabitants, where every citizen has their own needs and requirements where it is necessary not only to monitor the filling of city Treasury, but also to properly invest in the development of the region – although wait, why break my head over this difficult issue, when you can now defer your case to the side, and setting on your own Android gadget novelty "Tropic Town: Island City Bay", blockages in the mayoral chair, in order to try to turn a rundown town into a luxury metropolis. Well, how about that?

As in any other urban development project of the company "Sparkling Society Tycoon" free toy "Tropic Town: Island City Bay" you have to start from scratch, and with a small empty building site, located in a kind yet a desert island, and a small amount of money in your Bank account. Yes, not hide, not an easy task, but still, if the right approach to its solution, there is a good chance to cope with it (at the initial stage, there are sensible tips).

To begin construction of this project needs with pedestrian roads (road, pedestrian, shipping), and they must be laid in such a clever way, that they later joined him built all your buildings, because if for example, any average residential home will not lead the way, hardly anyone among the immigrants will want to settle. As things and other other structures (excluding road will not work, neither in the fields nor in the offices).

As you know, roads, roads, and any, even tiny town for a normal existence must needed infrastructure, so data must be addressed almost immediately after the construction of a small residential neighborhood. By the way, one of the main parameters of this project is the mood of the citizens, without which no one will want to work, respectively, that will hit the Treasury. Therefore, in order to keep this parameter at its maximum, it is necessary to elevate a residential area alleys and parks, and also not to forget that it is impossible to build an industrial building near the houses of its citizens.

Features of this urban project:
1. The opportunity to decide where to build and how to pave roads;
2. A huge number of buildings to build (residential, industrial, offices);
3. The presence of the official Russian localization, with detailed training;
4. If you want the opportunity to visit the towns of friends (need 3G);
5. The presence of unobtrusive donation in strictly limited quantities.

To sum up. If you adore high-quality urban planning simulators, and also not averse to compete with your friends for the title of best on planet Earth, then android toy "Tropic Town: Island City Bay", exactly what is needed for these purposes.

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Tropic Town: Island City BayTropic Town: Island City BayTropic Town: Island City BayTropic Town: Island City BayTropic Town: Island City Bay

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Download Tropic Town: Island City Bay free

Скачиваний: 208

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Tropic Town: Island City Bay

Android version:
2.3 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
22 July 2017
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22 July 2017
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