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Brutal action

Shadow of Death: the Dark Knight is an interesting action toy designed for Android devices. Users will be in the fictional lands of Aurora. Actions originate in the city of Light. Once a king by the name of Luther was created a whole Kingdom. It was peaceful and calm until that moment, until the new king. He somehow got it into his head that you will use ancient knowledge to resurrect her dead sister. The law of the genre that the obligation was to go wrong. Now the Kingdom is full of incurable diseases, and various monsters. The ruler had disappeared, but the locals were not up to it, because now I have to clean up existing problems and to save their own lives. Users will take control of max. Previously, he was a knight and helped the previous king to study the ancient knowledge. The main character appears in a place that absolutely he was not familiar with. Now he has become a machine designed for killing. Ruthlessly destroy monsters, out of the way. Ultimately, you want to know what was the reason for the mass conversion of the people.

Graphic design in the application "Shadow of Death: the Dark Knight" has a predominantly dark tones. We should also mention the presence of colorful special effects. Thanks to the special effects users will be able to enjoy the unique atmosphere during each battle. Go through many levels, get regular fights, enjoy the exciting gameplay. Download on our Internet portal great 2D slashers propagating on a free basis. Play on tablet computers and mobile gadgets. The required version of the Android system 4.1 or later. Max uses axes, swords. Ie is extremely strong in melee. During the gameplay you will see a lot of blood, so kids keep away from screens. The visual style is stunning, and it is added to the addictive gameplay. The app scores 4.5 points (out of a possible 5). The developers made the levels varied enemies too, to make it more interesting to play. By the way, the main character can not only use material weapons, but also magic. Download from our web portal quality toy "Shadow of Death: the Dark Knight" on your Android device, bring peace to the Kingdom.

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Shadow of Death: Dark KnightShadow of Death: Dark KnightShadow of Death: Dark KnightShadow of Death: Dark KnightShadow of Death: Dark Knight

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Download Shadow of Death: Dark Knight free

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Shadow of Death: Dark Knight

Android version:
4.1 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
27 October 2017
Last updated:
27 October 2017
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