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Today, in order to please all lovers of adventure quests, we want to present a new Android project from the company "MobiGrow", called "Escape the Titanic", which is just a few months downloaded it from the Play store millions of gamers, putting the final score at the level of 4.3, which as you know, quite a good result for the free project, with a two-dimensional static graphics. By the way, in addition to the exciting storyline this project is a lot of advantages, which primarily include the complete absence of age restrictions, and minimum requirements for the hardware of mobile devices (to run the game will suit absolutely any smartphones).

The storyline of the game "Escape the Titanic"tells the story of Intercontinental luxury liner called "Titanic" more than a hundred years ago, coming out of the port of Southampton went across the Atlantic to new York. But alas, to reach the shores of America, he was not destined in a few days the way the ship hit a giant iceberg, with the result that got a huge hole on the starboard side and sank, taking with him to the bottom of over a thousand people. Here is such the finale of this game, from you-also depends on whether the main character to be among the saved, or he will go down with the luxury liner called "Titanic".

The gameplay of this game starts with the twelfth day of April one thousand nine hundred and twelfth year, the main character, while in the port of Southampton tries to control in order to get on Board the "Titanic". With this particular objective you must help him to cope. For what it is necessary to carefully dismantle things to find there the coveted ticket (this episode covers the first mission), and then passing control to be located in the cabin (this is the second mission), to explore a luxury liner (all future missions before the catastrophe). Once the liner crashes into an iceberg will begin the difficult missions, in which the delay threatens the loss of the main character.

Now that the story and gameplay we figured, let's consider this a hit. So here, it is implemented in a casual manner. That is, as for the movement, and interaction with various active objects respond to common taps. For example, if you want to unfold on the spot to the left, then tap on the left side of your display, to the right, on the right side. Tap on any of the active subject here-take it into inventory, where it can later be retrieved at almost any time by tapping the corresponding cell. Here in principle and all control, as you can see in it nothing difficult.

Summing up under all above stated information we can say only one thing: the android game "Escape the Titanic"is a pretty good adventure quest, with an official translation into the Russian language, so if you like these games, do not pass by him.

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Can You Escape: TitanicCan You Escape: TitanicCan You Escape: TitanicCan You Escape: TitanicCan You Escape: Titanic

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Download Can You Escape: Titanic free

Скачиваний: 692

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Can You Escape: Titanic

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6 November 2017
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6 November 2017
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