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Detective quest

"Mysterium: the psychic game-investigation" - a cooperative Board game for Android telling about some bloody murders that occurred in mid-1922 in Scotland: the corpses on the streets there almost every week, but the evidence related to a criminal, I think someone literally sweeps the sidewalks, the police are helpless, unable even to give moral support to frightened citizens. The situation began somehow clearer a week later when right in the middle of the day, the Sheriff noticed a sixteen year old boy, looming over a bloody body. The young man struck out with a knife by an unknown man, in a whisper, uttering some strange phrases. The potential murderer was immediately placed into custody, but new corpses began to appear on the street next week. So, I guess, and continued for another few years, if the city does not appear psychics who have decided on a completely new level to deal with an unusual case.

Features of "Mysterium: the psychic game-investigation":

Mechanics. Events unfold for the kind of card table, where several participants (from one to eight) try together to make out the message sent by a nameless Ghost. To navigate in search of, you'll need solely on visual associations – no text prompts, dialogues and descriptions only illustrate the crime scene and pictures of potential killers. But because the users remain for a limited period of time to carefully inspect each issued material to perform every hint and clue, and then, after some discussion with the team, or by using additional tools, to form the final version and get the final result – converge is the information, or conjecture is not true. Each job (and completion you can start any number of times on selected parameters) evolves in three stages – you need to think about who committed the murder, what weapon, and where. Well, since a lot of dead bodies, and potential killers is a list, the single answer is possible and not to wait...

Complexity. Conduct the investigation, and even in straitened circumstances already not too nice, and when the soul is hanging still and the ghosts of long-lost victims, the situation is doubly aggravated. Have to really ponder over every picture, including the logic to the fullest. However, even with perfect guesses not immediately rush to the choose answer – it is important to consult with a team (all participants need to go constantly, there is even a chat for such purposes prepared!).

Interface. Latest plus definitely falls in the piggy Bank design – everything is detailed, beautiful, but still incredibly atmospheric, like the center of attention not some kind of puzzle, but a real detective!

Free project "Mysterium: the psychic game-investigation" for android definitely deserves attention – don't miss a truly fantastic entertainment for the evening!

Screenshots of the game

Mysterium: экстрасенсорная игра-расследованиеMysterium: экстрасенсорная игра-расследованиеMysterium: экстрасенсорная игра-расследованиеMysterium: экстрасенсорная игра-расследованиеMysterium: экстрасенсорная игра-расследование

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Download Mysterium: экстрасенсорная игра-расследование free

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Mysterium: экстрасенсорная игра-расследование

Asmodee Digital
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4.1 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
19 November 2017
Last updated:
19 November 2017
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