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Sea Battle

If you once studied at the average school and was not sitting in the first row, and somewhere in the middle, or even at the end of the series, then you probably have a neighbor's party played "Sea Battle" on a leaf in a cage, regularly getting a scolding from both teachers (for carelessness) and from parents (torn to shreds notebooks) – by the way, we remember about this incredibly fun game is now not just and because just yesterday came across on the Internet such Android toy as a "Battle Sea 3D: Naval Fight, "which struck us to the core. Want to know what? Then listen carefully!

As you probably already know, many developers tried to recreate the "Sea Battle" for the Android platform. Someone has styled their own projects under the tetrad leaves, someone was adding three-dimensional graphics, and some even tried to tie the toy story line. But alas, this has done little to such developers. Therefore, holding such a project the guys from the company "Real Fighting", decided to go further and start to surprise everyone in the full program. Imagine, they succeeded. First, they implemented the game "Battle Sea 3D: Naval Fight" with the use of three-dimensional graphics. Second, broke the storyline into three ages (the middle ages with galley antique sailing vessels, the present with the battle cruisers). Thirdly, the team allowed players to choose with whom to play (the game has a singleplayer campaign, plus the multiplayer mode). Fourth, the team added the rating table with a lot of additional awards. Well and fifthly, they introduced a super weapon. Yes, you heard right, it was a super-weapon capable of one shot to hit multiple cells.

Now that the specifics of the free hit, we figured, let's consider in more detail some of the nuances. First, from what era you choose to play, this will directly depend on the size of playing cards. That is, for the ancient battles, the playing field has a ratio of six to nine cells, whereas for modern battles, the field will be eight to twelve cells, which consequently affects the number of vessels that can participate in the battle. Secondly, all the superweapons in this game are divided into three types. First, it's barrage, the shock covers from nine cells. The second type of super-weapon, this sniper shot, it is automatic, but clearly hits the target. Well, the third type is intelligence, with the help of it you can open for a few seconds one of four equal parts of the playing card. And thirdly, if you suddenly haven't guessed, to get super-blood from a nose need the money, and then they can earn only one way (defeating opponents), unless you want to invest real financial resources in the promotion of your account in the android game "3D Sea Battle: Naval Fight", from "Real Fighting".

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Battle Sea 3D: Naval FightBattle Sea 3D: Naval FightBattle Sea 3D: Naval FightBattle Sea 3D: Naval FightBattle Sea 3D: Naval Fight

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Download Battle Sea 3D: Naval Fight free

Скачиваний: 517

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Battle Sea 3D: Naval Fight

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3 December 2017
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3 December 2017
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