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Farm simulator

Wild West: New Frontier – beautiful in terms of graphics game for the Android operating system. In it, users are totally free to acquire their own farm land in the Wild West. Can you take good care of it and to demonstrate the ability of the farm business?

Farm simulator traditionally begins with a little background. Uncle of the protagonist is left to his favorite nephew a small area on the territory of the Wild West. While it is not in the best condition, but has huge potential! The first thing you have to get acquainted with the local Sheriff. It will help to adapt to the game.

Users will immediately see on your site a couple of dilapidated buildings. Eventually everything here will need to repair and Refine. But for this we need money. Start-up capital will be enough to repair a house. Here the hero to inhabit. Also in the house is the list of achievements of the player. It should be noted that the implementation of any actions takes time. At first, you have to wait very long. Gradually, the construction, repair, and other processes will take up more time. In addition, collecting, and selling of crops, food products bring not only coins, but also experience. Experience allows you to grow in levels to unlock new opportunities.

The next step – renovation of the barn. Here are stored the various materials products. Without the barn anywhere. Finally, the last action is to repair to the training stage, the restoration of the granary. The farm will generate income mainly due to the crop. It needs to be put somewhere, and the granary is an ideal option. It is worth noting that during training, no expenditure of resources.

Then the Sheriff will teach you to work on the land. The first harvest is ready to harvest. It remains only to take the hammer and go through the plot. The harvest is automatically sent to the granary. Then, you should plant the ground with seeds to await the maturation of new products. Eventually there will be access to new seeds. Different plants Mature over time. Seeds require spending. Each patch brings two units of the crop.

Agriculture is not the only source of income. You can also breed Pets. For example, cows give milk. It can be sold directly or turned into dairy products and to get more money. Don't forget to feed the animals (food is also need to buy). The game has two types of currencies: gold and vestbase. Gold is easy to earn. Westbase are given only as rewards, achievements, etc. They can be used to accelerate execution of various processes.

The interface, graphics, sound
Wild West: New Frontier has stunning three dimensional graphics. The interface is in Russian, so everything is simple and clear. The sound is perfectly suited to the genre.

- variety of crops to cultivate;
- classic farm simulator;
- industrial buildings;
- excellent graphics;
growth levels;
- Russian language;
- achievements.

- not detected.

Wild West: New Frontier on android – a great representative of the genre with a variety of features.

Screenshots of the game

Wild West: New FrontierWild West: New FrontierWild West: New FrontierWild West: New FrontierWild West: New Frontier

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Download Wild West: New Frontier free

Скачиваний: 249
Wild West: New Frontier download Google Play
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Wild West: New Frontier

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4.4 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
5 December 2017
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5 December 2017
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