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Buying old junk

Bid Wars: Pawn Empire is a charming, moderately difficult, and thematically unusual economic strategy, subject to professional auctioneers, leading the hunt for antique values: all narrative storytelling in General, and focused on the life of a young collector who decided to get rich and to bypass all the competitors on Android. But here's the problem – the main character is poorly versed in pricing, hardly distinguishes the pricey trinkets from trinkets, and money have not saved enough to buy all favorite items. But because your entire career will have to develop from scratch, after each finished business, skill, skolachivaya budget and acquiring additional capabilities...

Features Bid Wars: Pawn Empire:
Story: the Plot develops quite quickly – the main character, until recently interested only in watching football matches and sipping a beer on an old sofa, suddenly being drawn into a "profitable business" - say, only need something for two hundred dollars to buy up for sale is a garage, inside of which is full of useful things. Some gadgets are useful, others can be taken at a high price at the local antique market. The idea, in General, is risky, but why not? The main character gave the money, won the auction and made a fortune. Inside the paper on the right to own store, a few chairs 19th century, and even dumbbells and an old lamp since the "Disco". Catch the richest, but because the hero is rather quickly drawn into a lucrative hobby...

Event: After a brief story introduction the story begins to gain momentum. First, the main character will often begin to get into the city without the constant participation in the auctions it is possible and not expect at least some profit, right? However, the risk remain with the nose is also better not to forget – even small mistakes sometimes standing and reputation, and thousands of dollars. Secondly, you will have to gradually develop an antique store, investing money into the interior, additional equipment or passes to new auction houses. In short, miss you very much once...

Mechanics: the Main feature of the strategy (if to forget about the ever-growing duties) auctions. Here it is really interesting to buy, and then to count exactly how much money you were able to win, and what are the damages.

The auction works as follows – on the screen in real time hidden in the garage. The next step is a quick inspection of the room (give 5-7 seconds) to something useful. You need to quickly click on objects, and therefore to obtain a rough estimate of the main character, trying to guess how, for example, the computer is an old or antique helmet. Oh, and then remains still to count in the mind and predict exactly how much money you can put...

Free strategy Bid Wars: Pawn Empire for android is fascinating possibilities and really memorable unusual mechanics and...

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Bid Wars: Pawn EmpireBid Wars: Pawn EmpireBid Wars: Pawn EmpireBid Wars: Pawn EmpireBid Wars: Pawn Empire

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Download Bid Wars: Pawn Empire free

Скачиваний: 23

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Bid Wars: Pawn Empire

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26 February 2018
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26 February 2018
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