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Download Ice Age: Adventure free

Ice Age: Adventure download .apk Ice Age: Adventure 23,48 Mb
Ice Age: Adventure
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.0.1d
  • 20.09.2014
Скачиваний: 3450


Adventures sloth Sid and his friends . Many gamers a few years ago in theaters last series of the cartoon "Ice Age" breathlessly awaited by developers themed novelties, but alas, the long-awaited miracle then did not happen. Only now, after so many years, only the company «Gameloft» decided to finally be rehabilitated to gamers, and why this game has released, a review of which we now want to bring to your attention.



History of the game «Ice Age: Adventure» repeats the story the same cartoon with the note "Continental Drift", but for those who have not seen this masterpiece, we are now in a nutshell outline the overall picture. So, once again the protein named Scrat tries to hide his precious acorn, but as usual instead Affairs has done only by calling on the ground drift ice. So many animals and dinosaurs were on the small ice floes in the middle of the ocean, which was attributed over hundreds of kilometers away from their homes. From that moment, and you have to start the game as a sloth named Sid, who could not stand aside and decided by any means to help all those who suffer.


The basis for the game developers had taken a turn-based strategy where you throughout the story line will have a step by step to inspect the drifting ice floe in the ocean, and to save them from animals caught in a difficult situation (just at the moment there are more than 120 characters divided into three categories: animals, dinosaurs, friends). To do this, you have to solve ingenious puzzles, collect resources for the construction of bridges and crossings, as well as participate in exciting mini games (3D runners, battle-style puzzles in the likeness of three in a row, puzzles, and so on). By the way, as soon as you save someone, you will need to immediately build a new home for him, and then equip it and ennoble all kinds of ornaments.


As you can see under the new name «Ice Age: Adventure» absorbed a tremendous amount of game genres, thus becoming a real kaleidoscope consisting of Rahner, turn-based strategy, puzzles, building farms and fascinating arcade games. In general, waiting for developers to one thematic novelty, and got the whole set, but still excellent quality.

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Ice Age: AdventureIce Age: AdventureIce Age: AdventureIce Age: AdventureIce Age: AdventureIce Age: Adventure

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Download Ice Age: Adventure free

Ice Age: Adventure download .apk Ice Age: Adventure 23,48 Mb
Ice Age: Adventure
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.0.1d
  • 20.09.2014
Скачиваний: 3450
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Ice Age: Adventure

Android version:
4.0 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
20 September 2014
Last updated:
20 September 2014
Arcade, Logic, Action
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