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The accident at the fair . We all love to entertain and have fun, especially for such pleasure is not required to pay a lot of money. Therefore, many enthusiasts at one time bought first-class equipment, rides and attractions, and began with all this good go all over the city and country, arranging fairs with a small entrance fee. By the way our current story goes about such a cave, except that here instead of joy, he carried the people tears and grief.


The sad story of the game "Dark Arcana: The Mystery of the fair" began with the fact that once in a small American town came Luna amusement park, which is located on a spacious meadow. As soon as the kids learned about this joyous event, she immediately began to moan in front of their parents, in order to get as soon as possible to the desired park. So along with other visitors to the feast came to Susan Jones, with his nine-year daughter. In a short time the two of them walked almost all the rides, and already preparing to leave lastly decided to look into the panic room. There their eyes opened incredible picture around all the lights green lights on the walls climbed huge spiders, and hovered in the air cast. After the presentation, coming overjoyed girl ran to the door, but as soon as she crossed the threshold, the door behind her immediately closed, imprisoning indoor room for fear of her mother. Attempts to boil once the doors have been unsuccessful, and when the girl came to the aid of the people, and with great difficulty, opened the gate, and there inside was empty.


You are the main character an experienced detective of the local police department, who was among the first arrived on the scene of the alleged crime. Your task is to understand what happened, and to understand where the disappearedSusan Jones. To do this you have to visit at least 48 colorful locations, play a huge number of mini-games and solve puzzles with fifty and puzzles. By the way, as soon as you go through the storyline, you will discover extra chapter, which is able to reveal the secret of the curse imposed on Luna Park.


As you can see, the company developer «G5 ENTERTAINMENT» once again confirmed its status as the best producer of the quest for the android platform. Therefore, we as before will follow the release of their new products, and to present you their full versions, as well as we've done it now with the game "Dark Arcana: The Mystery of the fair".

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Dark Arcana: The Mystery of the fairDark Arcana: The Mystery of the fairDark Arcana: The Mystery of the fairDark Arcana: The Mystery of the fairDark Arcana: The Mystery of the fairDark Arcana: The Mystery of the fair

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Download Dark Arcana: The Mystery of the fair free

Скачиваний: 71
Dark Arcana: The Mystery of the fair download Google Play
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Dark Arcana: The Mystery of the fair

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2.3 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
26 September 2014
Last updated:
26 September 2014
Quests, Logic
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