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Simulator wild animals

"A furious lion, the family SIM" - a gaming application in the genre simulator on Android, in which users have to feel yourself in the skin of a lion. The project was developed by Pakistani Studio "Tap 2 Sim" having fairly extensive experience in creating game products of this kind. In the record company a considerable amount of toys and they are in the genre of simulation of an animal. There are simulators Cheetah, elephant, ostrich, spider extinct dinosaurs and even mythical dragon. Presents creation is no exception, in it we will play for the lion to hunt and to protect offspring.

Running the application "a Furious lion, the family SIM" for the first time, the user will not find learning to proceed to the gameplay we can immediately after the choice of colour and name for lion. From the beginning the player is given complete freedom of action, we arrive at the extensive location Savannah for orientation where there is a radar in the upper left corner of the screen. It lists all animals located within easy reach and our location. For the most part we will hunt, but should not forget that we can overcome not all, some animals can give strong resistance. Killing other inhabitants of the shrouds of our lion increases your level,and the player earns cash in the form of gold coins. Earned money useful for buying a new colour and for applying tattoo on the side or the face of a lion. Also do not forget about two important factors: hunger and thirst. In case of death due to a critical reduction of these parameters, or other animals being killed, the user will have to start the game again.

Visually the toy is created entirely in a three-dimensional graphics, but the quality is not the highest standard. Location monotonous, and animals, and the world in General, scarce and poorly drawn. On the background there is music, we hear only the sounds of wildlife. Managing lion by using the virtual joystick in the left corner of the screen and three buttons: punch, run and jump right in. The application is not translated into Russian language, but to understand is quite simple. Promotional content and Donat is present. In General, it was a fairly simple simulation game with poor graphics and lack of diversity.

Download "Furious lion, the family SIM" on Android OS you can download from our online entertainment portal completely free right now.

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Яростный лев семьи симЯростный лев семьи симЯростный лев семьи симЯростный лев семьи симЯростный лев семьи сим

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Download Яростный лев семьи сим free

Скачиваний: 754
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Яростный лев семьи сим

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9 April 2018
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9 April 2018
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