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The Mysterious World of Brian Carter . We all came up with as a child for a non-existent friends and fictional worlds with colorful jungle and pirate ships, in which we always expect heroic adventures and lots of fun. So for some of these fantasies were only fun they eventually outgrew becomes an adult, but for others a way of life became much more real than real life, which allowed him to actually materialize in our world. Today our story'll describe one such case, which occurred with the Carter family.


It is difficult to say where it began the history of «Stray souls 2: Stolen memories» One thing is for sure that one day the head of the family by the name of Brian went on a trip to his native city, from which he never returned. His search continued for several months, but did not succeed. So went the whole year, came Birthdays baby Julie, who blowing out the candles, make a whole-heartedly as a desire to see his father again. Imagine, as soon as she did, suddenly turned on the TV screen with which they watched Brian and tried something warn. The only thing that the mother and daughter were able to see and understand is the fact that the recording was made in one of the motels are located on the road leading to their city. Without hesitation and Julie Rose jumped into the car and went on the road, but they did not know that it will in their otherworldly fictional world in which from 12 to 16 years, Brian lived, and which is now engulfed him forever.


Your introduction to the game begins at the moment when Rose and Julie come to an abandoned motel, a hair's breadth to that they had seen on TV. By the way, in the registration book is listed in the sixth room populated by Brian Carter, and it means that you are on the right track. It remains only to get to the truth, which does not need to visit as many as 48 locations, and participate in no less than 28 mini games.


Game «Stray souls 2: Stolen memories» is a successful continuation of a series of mysterious saga Stray souls, able to strike fear and terror in the hearts of gamers. By the way in case of unforeseen deadlocks, you can always turn to the passage of the in-game storyline, which can be easily found in the pause mode.

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Stray souls 2: Stolen memoriesStray souls 2: Stolen memoriesStray souls 2: Stolen memoriesStray souls 2: Stolen memoriesStray souls 2: Stolen memoriesStray souls 2: Stolen memories

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Download Stray souls 2: Stolen memories free

Скачиваний: 80
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Stray souls 2: Stolen memories

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6 October 2014
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6 October 2014
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