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Simulator trucker

The game "Truck Simulator 2018: Europe"from the domestic company called "Zuuks Games", represents nothing but a pretty high quality racing game. In this project the players will have hundreds of kilometers of roads, dozens of unique trucks, worked both inside and outside, plus all kinds of loads for transport. Believe me, these games for mobile devices has never been, and hardly soon will appear.

Once you start passing games "Truck Simulator 2018: Europe", the gamers first will need to find the logo for your own company, to think of a name, then enter the name of the driver, and buy a truck. Naturally, the initial choice of available cars will be small, because funds are strictly limited, but after wandering the exhibition hall with the trucks you'll know exactly what one should aspire (the nine machines).

Having dealt with the small nuances, you can take your first order and proceed to its implementation. The essence of such work, to transport a load from point "A" to point "B" without damaging it in transit, and within strictly specified time. By the way, most importantly, walking on the roads should not only adhere to the rules of the road, but also try to avoid small accidents because of the amount of fines and repair of auto automatically deducted from the company's pocket.

As for the controls, then it perhaps won't be a problem, because-as a choice of three schemes (steering wheel, cursors, gyro), not counting the additional keys responsible for changing the camera view, switch gear box, the inclusion of the wipers, headlights, and other minor points. That would ride was fun, the game offers you a opportunity to listen to numerous Internet radio, and very nice (so as the radio online, it will expend the additional traffic).

As you progress through this game, you have the option to hire truck drivers in their company. What will be more, the faster you will be able to increase the speed of receiving the money in their own piggy Bank. Just remember, every truck driver is required, plus a decent salary, so before you decide to expand the staff of his company in the android game "Truck Simulator 2018: Europe", you'll have to sweat earning the share capital.

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Truck Simulator 2018: EuropeTruck Simulator 2018: EuropeTruck Simulator 2018: EuropeTruck Simulator 2018: EuropeTruck Simulator 2018: Europe

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Download Truck Simulator 2018: Europe free

Скачиваний: 10787

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Truck Simulator 2018: Europe

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7 June 2018
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7 June 2018
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