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Clone of GTA

"Project Open Auto City Beta" - gaming application in the genre of action-adventure for Android,which tries to mimic the gameplay of games Grand The Auto. The project was designed by Ukrainian Studio "CreativeLab Games" having quite big experience in industry developments such gaming products. In the record of company there are a large number of games of various genre, of which we are aware in the first place, such projects as "Emergency FireFighter Simulator Firefighter 911" and "Bad Boy Stories | the story of the bad guy." Presents creature trying to look like the popular series of games GTA, borrowing some aspects and interface elements from several parts of the fourth and Vice City.

Running the application "Project Open Auto City Beta", the user will not find training or instructions, and to proceed to the gameplay will literally from the first seconds. The plot is tied very much like in GTA 4 where the main character was Niko Belik. A character caused a lot of trouble at home and was forced to move to the city, a large fictional city. There he tries to start a new life and to engage in crime, but, apparently, the past doesn't let go immediately and the hero, only to go through difficulties. The game begins with the fact that we're breaking into a military base, kill the guards, hack into the network and undermine the bomb. After these events, will move to metropolis where we'll find ourselves with freedom of action and the big wide world. The player can complete missions, then save the gameplay in the apartment with a special icon, just as the above series of games. There is the opportunity to do whatever they want, steal cars, shoot passers-by, etc., but do not forget about the police and levels of the investigation are displayed as flashing stars. We have already seen, isn't it?

In terms of graphics the game will be quite a large-scale three-dimensional design, but not without flaws. Sometimes there is sagging of the textures in which the user can get stuck. Unfortunately, the office is painfully terrible and not comfortable, it is implemented using the "wood" the virtual joystick and buttons inconveniently placed. The Russian language there, but no advertising content not done. Overall, free game "Project Open Auto City Beta" turned out, though, another likeness on the iconic GTA, but still can be a good alternative for mobile devices with Android OS.

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Project Open Auto City BetaProject Open Auto City BetaProject Open Auto City Beta

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Download Project Open Auto City Beta free

Скачиваний: 2331
Project Open Auto City Beta download Google Play
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Project Open Auto City Beta

Android version:
4.0 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
8 June 2018
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8 June 2018
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