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Download Mountain Sniper Shooter Elite Assassin free

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Cool shooter

Android new from the company "Mini Studio", called "Mountain Sniper Shooter Elite Assassin", represents nothing but incredibly fascinating three-dimensional shooter, created on the theme of struggle of special services with terrorists. That is, downloading and installing this game on their own mobile device, you can easily transform into an elite sniper, ready with their lives to protect the peace of civilians from all sorts of villains. Yes, not hide, the violence in this game more than enough, as the actual bloody scenes repeating. Therefore, we cannot recommend this project gamers under sixteen years of age.

Starting the game "Mountain Sniper Shooter Elite Assassin", players will automatically be taken to the main menu, where they can find tabs such as: Play (start game), Shop (shop with the guns, and medicines), Setting (fine-tuning of gameplay), Share (promotion of the project in social networks for more in-game currency), and Exit (exits the game). Of course, to describe all these tabs makes no sense, so we will describe only those that we consider crucial, and that is "Play" and "Shop". Let's start with the latter. It offers a choice of five types of weapons, medical kits, and anti-personnel grenades. The prices are quite affordable, so the replenishment of the Arsenal you can go a little after each battle. As to the tab "Play", clicking on it, players will be prompted to choose a location for the passage, plus the sequence number of the mission. Though only five locations, but for each of them the developers have created thousands of missions. Yes, you heard right, it was in the thousands, from which it follows that in total, this new product contains up to five thousand of missions to complete.

As for the gameplay, then all is simple. Once on location, gamers will need to own driving the main character sitting with a sniper rifle on a static position, look at the level of objectives, and resolve them using the minimum amount of ammunition. If the first shots of the enemies cannot be destroyed, they find you, open fire. Naturally, in such a shootout to win the one who will survive. That is, if you want to start winning in the android game "Mountain Sniper Shooter Elite Assassin", then you should learn how to shoot a sniper rifle.

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Mountain Sniper Shooter Elite AssassinMountain Sniper Shooter Elite AssassinMountain Sniper Shooter Elite AssassinMountain Sniper Shooter Elite AssassinMountain Sniper Shooter Elite Assassin

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Download Mountain Sniper Shooter Elite Assassin free

Скачиваний: 6090
Mountain Sniper Shooter Elite Assassin download Google Play
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Mountain Sniper Shooter Elite Assassin

Android version:
4.0 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
12 June 2018
Last updated:
12 June 2018
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