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Download Super Cleaner : Junk Cleaner free

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The software to clean the phone

If your brand new smartphone was pretty slow down, fail, reboot, and adequately respond to your actions, then it does not mean that it is time to carry it to the service center for warranty repair. Believe me, to restore its former performance, it is not so difficult, it just requires that you install it on Android our current new product called "Super Cleaner: Junk Cleaner", and run some simple manipulations.

After you launch this free software on your own mobile gadget, you will see a blue and white screen divided into two parts. At the top, displays the original speedometer with an arrow pointing on the overall performance of your smartphone. Than the arrow closer to the right end of the speedometer, the cooler operates the device. At the bottom of the screen has six icons to quickly launch system utilities.

One of the main tools is the built-in "Scan", using it you have the option of one stroke to produce a full wipe. The second utility is called "Clean Junk", and she is responsible for the cleaning of ordinary garbage and obsolete files "apk". The following utility is called the "Phone Boost", it should be used to clean memory from hidden software running in the background. As for the tab, "Battery Saver", then it should be clear that it is responsible for control of the battery. The last two tabs, "CPU Cooler" and "WiFi Optimizer", speak for themselves.

Key features of the app Super Cleaner: Junk Cleaner:
1. Absolutely simple and intuitive interface that understand even kids;
2. There is pop-up content, videos and banners;
3. The app interface is not translated officially into Russian language;
4. In addition to the basic options, there are additional tweaks;
5. Embedded payments is not at all that happy.

In General, if you don't want that, would your mobile device once started to fail, restart, slow down, then by all means get today's android a new product called "Super Cleaner: Junk Cleaner" which can help you avoid all the above problems. Believe me, the sooner you do, the better, because at the first signs of the lowering of device efficiency, you will be able very quickly to react.

Screenshot of the program

Super Cleaner : Junk CleanerSuper Cleaner : Junk CleanerSuper Cleaner : Junk CleanerSuper Cleaner : Junk Cleaner

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Download Super Cleaner : Junk Cleaner free

Скачиваний: 73
Super Cleaner : Junk Cleaner download Google Play
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Super Cleaner : Junk Cleaner

Android version:
4.1 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
13 June 2018
Last updated:
13 June 2018
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