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Racing game for the amateur.

3D American truck -mediocre simulator ride on trucks.The game takes place on your device. Perhaps if this idea embodied for example guys from Gameloft, Glu, or woulda entertainment and plausible, but alas, it Invisible Owl with their pitfalls and shortcomings. Do not judge strictly, but as the game taymkiller not quite go as it can quickly get bored with you.

3D American truck -mediocre simulator ride on trucks.

Games that gamers talk about how difficult it is to park the car, recently was leaving so much that for all it is simply impossible to keep track of. Unfortunately, most of these games are terribly monotonous and do not offer anything new player, almost every "parking" the player is given a car and the area in which a particular place need this car park. Once in Google Play game appeared 3D American Truck, I did not pay attention to it at least a month since I have had time to reach the information that this is another "parking". Download this game I decided only when once winter evening I was absolutely nothing to do, and I was looking for a small but interesting game, in which I will spend the evening not only, but also half the night because I did not want to sleep . After wandering around the store for half an hour, I'm tired, as if all this time lugging bags of cement, to me, oddly enough, I wanted to sleep and I was ready to postpone his device to the side, by sitting comfortably on the couch and fall in the land of dreams, where . However, after I got back to the top of the list of games, my eyes fell on a pretty picture, which depicted a large unusually decorated truck. Clicking on the picture on the page with the game, I immediately drew attention to the screenshot gallery on which were depicted not standard for "parking" the empty countryside, without the slightest hint of life, and the whole city, which ships to the screenshot, worked out to the smallest detail. Quickly scanned the description and read that my game is not considered regular parking and truck driving simulator, I happily clicked "download".

First impression is not always deceptive.

Owl amiably patted his oval eyes, advertise creator of the game and yet I missed in the beautifully decorated main menu, which served as the backdrop for the characters of the game, a few lone trees and colored title game. . Also will need to choose a character and more card, but early in the game for a long time determined its choice not have to, because only one is available.

Resort or is it car simulator?

The first map - this Texas. Honestly, the first few levels, I just went and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and an elaborated environment. But an hour later, already knew that local landscapes fascinate exactly to the moment until the player realizes that the initial background card - it's just a few green hillocks and lonely tree. In other, more likely, the developers intentionally made landscapes such bare, as such, they almost do not load the device and allow you to focus on more important things, such as the near environment and physics, which will be discussed later.

When the first card will replace the second (Manhattan), background scenery and often does begin to fade behind countless high-rise buildings, they just reappear on the last card in the form of the usual green, undulating. We must pay tribute to developers - usually up to all that is on the screen, can be reached (except green hillocks), so sometimes it is so nice to just turn on any of the levels and go skating on the map, paving their way to a randomly selected building.


The first few levels of the game 3D American Truck I admired believable physics, but one did not have time to slow down before the usual rusty barrel and bumped into her at a fairly decent speed. The same barrel for a place to fly off at a hundred meters ahead, remained standing on the spot, as if weighed at least a couple of tons, but the truck was less fortunate; band in the upper left corner of the screen, showing its technical condition, immediately dropped by more . In general, to knock down the game will not get anything other than traveling to transport cards. Incidentally, the transport itself, which can be found in the passage levels, the developers worked on the conscience, he is not just going along a predetermined path, but also tries to follow traffic rules, even though it turns out it is not always. In the game I have met several times a situation where I miss oncoming traffic passes only because he stubbornly went in the opposite lane, determined to regroup in a convenient location. Besides the usual transport, the game can be found and the police, which relate to a neutral player, but one of the levels for me still drove his car with flashing lights and brazenly rammed my truck sideways, knocking over and deprived of any possibility to move. A minute later, I decided to cheat a little and let the police car to leave the intersection first, and whether from gratitude for the generosity shown by me, whether from natural stupidity, people in the car and decided to go all the way in front of me, actively blinking flashing light and fiercely verescha . Gradually, with the advancement of the player through the levels of transport in the game will become more and more, and on many levels the player will need to carefully watch the road, not to fly into someone's car at an intersection.

Despite the fact that all the cities move gaming machine no pedestrians on one of the levels concerning the impression that the construction of the game itself is. Incidentally, the building materials, which have to be transported in the game, actually used. That is, if the player moved the window, it is possible that these same windows at the next level will shine on an unfinished house. Used materials in the car is literally a couple of seconds and accompanied by the emission of a truck black clouds of dust, so the player does not need to be like in real life, sleep to wait for the loading machine. Also gives the game a plausible realism and control already mentioned physics that can teach the player as beautiful swear as good uncles truckers. Left of the screen is easy steering, and most of the right side of the screen occupied by the band and the gas pedal, moving the pedal, the line up and down, the player controls the speed of the truck, such control allows drive and park anywhere.


Fleet in 3D American Truck quite large - there are 6 different cars. During the passage of the game the player is not given the opportunity to complete a level, independently selecting a car, but it does not prevent him enable «TEST DRIVE» and ride on each of them. That the developer stripped Player capabilities to haul cargo on a favorite of car is quite understandable; hard to imagine a small pickup truck, carrying in his body excavator, which is twice more than he. Also worth mentioning is that all the cars in the game can be, but rather needs to be improved to be able to go to the next level. However, it is unclear how the color of the truck, or strange horns on the hood may affect the successful delivery of the cargo. Behavior of vehicles on the road and even plausibly large truck trailer moves according to the laws of physics.

Sound and music.

The game is almost always played music that conveys the spirit of the western player, but the soundtrack very, very rich, so after a few hours of play, there is an overwhelming desire to turn off the boring and heart already memorized melodies. If so, and turn the wheel to the music, it is only up to your favorite.

All machines in the game almost the same sound that sometimes makes us think that the characters of the game engine is transferred from car to car, not wanting to part with a familiar sound.

System requirements.

Despite the high-quality 3D graphics game quietly runs on the device with the processor with a clock speed of 800 MHz, which means good optimization. But then, the game starts, does not mean that it can play comfortably - on weak devaysakh significantly slows the game, so it is recommended to run it on devices where processor speed is not below 1st GHz.

An amateur.

The game takes place on your device. Perhaps if this idea embodied for example guys from Gameloft, Glu, or woulda entertainment and plausible, but alas, it Invisible Owl with their pitfalls and shortcomings. Do not judge strictly, but as the game taymkiller not quite go as it can quickly get bored with you.

Attention! link]. At each start is recommended to disable the Internet, otherwise you risk being "bury" in the contextual advertising.

Screenshots of the game

3D Американский грузовик3D Американский грузовик3D Американский грузовик3D Американский грузовик3D Американский грузовик3D Американский грузовик

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Download 3D Американский грузовик free

Скачиваний: 2859
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3D Американский грузовик

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8 March 2014
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8 March 2014
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