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This hardcore thriller . Worldwide, there are hundreds and even thousands of all kinds of companies are developing android games, most of them honestly produces very real Mura, which is not something to play, and even touch and run on your devayse reluctance. However, there are those rare cases when a member on an ordinary forum on the internet, going to a group of like-minded people to come up with a fascinating plot of the game, and then sells it on their own, and they do not get it way worse than the sharks such as business «Gameloft» and «EA GAMES». Do not believe me? Then read our review closely, and in any case hold his lower jaw, so that it does not have any slack with surprise.


So today we want to present you a very interesting and unusual game called «Occupation Donation» which is a group of like-minded debut project "" It would seem that the guys have created a simple arcade game in order to pass the free time, but in the end they get a real hit, which has no analogues, and probably never will.


Our story begins with the fact that the corporation «Cryotech» decided to play in the gods, and began to sell in the market as it is the real immortality. That is, when you die, you are frozen in cryo chamber, and in the future, ensure the appearance of new technologies invigorate you for a normal life. So, you know the idea complete bullshit, but many have bought into the joke, and when they still unfrozen, they became very real zombies, and escaped to freedom. Now leave a short while walking dead alone and move on to the main character. So this is an ordinary farm boy who fell in love with a beautiful girl, but my bad luck she also relished and local mafia, and that without thinking twice abducted her and imprisoned in his mansion. Now our guy is first necessary to save his beloved, as well as to try to survive the zombie apocalypse is gaining strength.


To be honest, the game «Occupation Donation» we struck to the core, you just imagine 3D graphics in her excellent, gameplay is implemented on the similarity of GTA, but still available to the entire crowd of angry zombies, and switching between the review of the third and first person. A word is not a game, but a bomb.

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Occupation DonationOccupation DonationOccupation DonationOccupation DonationOccupation DonationOccupation Donation

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Download Occupation Donation free

Скачиваний: 1463
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Occupation Donation

Android version:
2.3 and higher
Tablet, Smartphone
11 November 2014
Last updated:
11 November 2014
Arcade, FPS, Action
Price on Google Play:
120 руб
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