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The real detective . It's no secret that the police choose to unsubscribe from the complaints and appeals civilians than to investigate domestic crimes. However, there are cases when it is absolutely impossible to hide a cat in a bag, that is still not as open about it, everything will come up to the outside. So today in our next new product you expect a fascinating story from the company developers «RELENTLESS SOFTWARE LIMITED», which as far as possible in order to advertise the project brought to his writing itself Felicity Carpenter, acting winner of the International Award «Emmy» .Samy real detective


One day in the middle of a solar daylight in central London bank group broke inveterate attacker who easily according to your plan could penetrate the secret vault. However there instead of steal gold bullion or bank notes equal fortunes, they broke only one deposit box, and seized its contents withdrew away. So, now you as the chief detective assigned to this investigation in the game called «Murder Files: Enigma Express» (play for Miss Hannah Dokotu), you must find the attackers, and the fact that they had been kidnapped. By the way, the big secret we are ready to reveal to you a little veil over this matter, and so this cell belonged to a very dangerous criminal nicknamed "grouse", which is now in order to return to their seats ready to go on absolutely everything, even the most extreme measures that is, the killing of tens or even hundreds of people.


Throughout the storyline you have to investigate the mysterious kidnapping of London banks, which need to visit at least 30 locations located on at least three continents. By the way, most of the missions will consist of classic scenes from the genre of "Search", which you will need to look for hidden objects. However, if the classic quest you will not be limited in time, here at all about all you will have no more than three minutes, and then the list of necessary things you will give out small portions. Oh yeah, in addition to these missions, you have yet to engage in dialogue with numerous witnesses and suspects, choosing the right questions of the fact that the developer offers.


In general, if you sum up all of the above, we can state with confidence the fact that the game «Murder Files: Enigma Express» you will be so many fascinating riddles and puzzles that you they will last for at least five or six hours.

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Murder Files: Enigma ExpressMurder Files: Enigma ExpressMurder Files: Enigma ExpressMurder Files: Enigma ExpressMurder Files: Enigma ExpressMurder Files: Enigma Express

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Download Murder Files: Enigma Express free

Скачиваний: 88
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Murder Files: Enigma Express

Relentless Software Limited
Android version:
2.3 and higher
Tablet, Smartphone
16 November 2014
Last updated:
16 November 2014
Quests, Logic
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