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Might & Mayhem download .apk Might & Mayhem 27,45 Mb
Might & Mayhem
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 3.2
  • 22.05.2018
Скачиваний: 22


Battle for the Kingdom . It so happened that all the people on the planet are quite different, some have not dyuzhey force, others are able to invent all sorts of useful things, and the third has the gift to control entire countries and kingdoms. However, there are individuals who are willing to everyone and always put a spoke in the wheel, as well as to destroy and destroy for their own profit that was erected over the years. So, it is about one of these villains and will continue to be discussed in our current new product.


In recent years, the most popular genres in the Play Store steel card and multiplayer turn-based strategy RPG, which gather around him millions of gamers from around the world. It is not surprising that someone could come up with the idea to combine these two genres together to create a true masterpiece. So, for this hard work laid on his shoulders young and very ambitious company «KizStudios», and that they came out of it, you can learn just by reading until the end of our review of the game «Might & Mayhem».


Once a great man almost out of the blue to create an ideal kingdom, in which there was a place no war, no poverty, all were well, and glorify their wise king. However, as is often the case, found the treacherous villain (Dragon King), who came to this land with their henchmen, killed the monarch, and began to rob innocent people. So if it is not stopped it will certainly squeeze all the juice out of the long-suffering nation, and cast it in the world. In general, you need to gather a team of brave warriors, and together with them to clear his kingdom from the forces of the enemy.


In this game, gamers are invited to engage in turn-based battles with enemy fighters (maximum ratio in each fight 3x3), where you'll be able to choose someone whom and how to beat, that is, by what strikes and combinations to make their attacks. By the way, in graphic terms the game is implemented on five-plus, all the scenes have a high detail and the ability to change the viewing angle in any order.


Yet «Might & Mayhem» is the best turn-based RPG in the Play Store, and it is not surprising, because it apart from a single company has an exciting and dynamic mulipleerom even with the possibility of PvP battles.

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Might & MayhemMight & MayhemMight & MayhemMight & MayhemMight & MayhemMight & Mayhem

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Download Might & Mayhem free

Might & Mayhem download .apk Might & Mayhem 27,45 Mb
Might & Mayhem
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 3.2
  • 22.05.2018
Скачиваний: 22
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Might & Mayhem

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4.0 and higher
Tablet, Smartphone
14 November 2014
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14 November 2014
RPG, Arcade, Action
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