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Arcade taymkiller

"Circle vs Spikes: twist and Dodge" - a challenging arcade game with unusual mechanics, running on the Android operating system. To pass even the initial levels, you have to show a high concentration, attention and speed of thinking.

Going into free game "Circle vs Spikes: twist and Dodge", you instantly are transported into the main menu. The first thing recommended to collect your gift by clicking on the appropriate button. You can now click on the Central icon to begin the process of passing. Appears 40 levels, but initially only opened the first ten. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to choose the first option (it is most easy). After all actions will be location. It is a long rectangular area lilac color. In the Central area of the screen is a black ball. It is attached to a Central point and is able to revolve only around its axis. Clicking anywhere on the screen will start the game process. The ball will immediately move in a clockwise direction. To change the direction, tap again on the screen. Get some effect of "pendulum". Please note, the edges of locations of the located spikes. If the ball will run into them – you lose. Going through the levels, the number of obstacles will increase. Will catch moving objects, spikes, cone, geometric shapes and squares. The main purpose of the user task is to pass all obstacles to get to the final point location.

Walking distance, you'll get the crystals, which is the main currency. Using them to open the remaining locked levels. Also the crystals needed to change the appearance of a ball. Pay attention to the top of the screen. There are 100 energy. Completing one obstacle, one energy will fade. To pass the level, you must bring this figure to zero. In case of loss, all the achievements are void.

Management is based on the classic tap. Unusual mechanics, quite complex. Graphics turned out good. The visualization features a large number of luminous elements, high-quality animations. The gameplay is accompanied by only one musical track. Sometimes pop-up advertising banners. Install the free "Circle vs Spikes: twist and Dodge" for Android OS.

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Circle vs Spikes: крутись и уворачивайсяCircle vs Spikes: крутись и уворачивайсяCircle vs Spikes: крутись и уворачивайсяCircle vs Spikes: крутись и уворачивайсяCircle vs Spikes: крутись и уворачивайся

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Download Circle vs Spikes: крутись и уворачивайся free

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Circle vs Spikes: крутись и уворачивайся

Android version:
4.1 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
11 October 2018
Last updated:
11 October 2018
Arcade, Timekillers
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