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Game with black humor

If you have in addition to the Android smartphone and even personal computer, and you love entertaining toys with black humor, in this case, should be familiar with casual project called "How to get a neighbor?", in which main objective of gamers is the need to do harm to a neighbor. So, we remembered the fun is not accidental, but because right now I want to present you her mobile equivalent of "Do Not Disturb 3: Grumpy Marmot Pranks!", from "Tapps Games". By the way, if you carefully read the title of this game, you probably noticed that it is the third part in its lineup, so if you like it, look on our website and two previous parts of this hit.

Mobile game "Do Not Disturb 3: Grumpy Marmot Pranks!", tells us about the Groundhog by the name of Grumpy who loves peace and quiet. So, our task is to try to bring it to white heat with the evil jokes and pranks. This novelty event will unfold at the edge, between the impenetrable forest and a radiant lake, where Mr. Grumpy drove his own trailer to relax from the Madding crowd. Expanding things in the meadow, he lay down in the trailer to rest. Look around and try to come up with something terribly irritable. By the way, in this project thirteen types of jokes that gamers will find.

The android interface of the game "Do Not Disturb 3: Grumpy Marmot Pranks!", is incredibly simple. The entire display takes him game location. In the upper left corner is a scale of irritability of Mr. Grumpy that needs to be filled to the maximum, irritating him with their antics. In the upper right corner is a counter of in-game currency. She needed to purchase tips. In the lower left corner there is a shop with tips, and Donato, and in the lower right is a storyboard of all the jokes that you want to open. The gameplay itself is implemented by means of taps on various subjects and objects. For example, if you start to tap your finger at the guitar standing by the fire, it shall fall, and from the heat of the coals will ignite. Sensing the smoke, Grumpy will jump out of the trailer and begin to extinguish it, and accidentally singed his tail. In order to repay it he will have to jump into the icy water, and this is at least a third of the scale irritation. Further, should act in a similar style.

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Do Not Disturb 3: Grumpy Marmot Pranks!Do Not Disturb 3: Grumpy Marmot Pranks!Do Not Disturb 3: Grumpy Marmot Pranks!Do Not Disturb 3: Grumpy Marmot Pranks!Do Not Disturb 3: Grumpy Marmot Pranks!

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Download Do Not Disturb 3: Grumpy Marmot Pranks! free

Скачиваний: 254

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Do Not Disturb 3: Grumpy Marmot Pranks!

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7 January 2019
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