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Paw patrol

If you have kids who like to watch cartoons, then you probably should be familiar with the popular animated series "paw patrol", which already more than six years does not descend from TV screens around the world – and so, we remembered it is not accidental, but for the simple reason that prepared for your kids this exciting Android the toy as "Paw Patrol: Racing Games", from "Emix Soft LLC". In this arcade game, with colorful hand-drawn graphics, children are invited to take part in exciting races with the main characters mentioned above animated series.

When the game starts "Paw Patrol: Racing Games", gamers without unnecessary opening speeches, and training regimes, are invited to choose your own route for the races. While they are in this project presents no more than four pieces (Jungle, Desert, South Pole, and Volcano), but according to the developers, this figure is not final and most likely soon will increase considerably. However, until that happens, choose any location and run the first of the fifteen tracks, it paved the creators of the project (total number of tracks is equal to six dozens).

Before entering on the launch pad, gamers can choose the vehicle for your own character, equip him with weapons, and boosters, as well as the desire to pump in many parameters. The races themselves are implemented in a casual manner. Showing the game is side view. Car key the character moves around the track automatically, gamers just need time to press your finger on the screen, so she jumped up and down, for overcoming the oncoming obstacles. If you pick up on the track cartridges, the screen will appear an extra button to use it.

Features of this free kazualki:
1. The graphics are colorful, stylized the original cartoon;
2. There is plenty of extra weapons for installation on the car;
3. Often full screen pop up disable for donut rollers;
4. The game interface does not have an official Russian translation;
5. The installation file size is around thirty megabytes.

Android game "Paw Patrol: Racing Games", though not a masterpiece, and has three-dimensional graphics, but nevertheless implemented at a decent level, and easily able to captivate him small children for a long time.

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Paw Patrol: Racing GamesPaw Patrol: Racing GamesPaw Patrol: Racing GamesPaw Patrol: Racing Games

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Download Paw Patrol: Racing Games free

Скачиваний: 4307

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Paw Patrol: Racing Games

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2.3 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
16 February 2019
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16 February 2019
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