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Breathtaking horror . Perhaps there is nothing dreadful and terrible in the whole world than bad dreams that we dream at night, because at the moment while we are inside them, it seems to us that they are real hundred percent, and this is even more terrible. That's why when people wake up in a cold sweat and realize that everything that happened to them was just another nightmare, they begin to rejoice like little children, and pray to their gods so that such dreams will never come true. Now imagine for a moment what would happen if our terrible dream did not last a few minutes or hours, and for all eternity?


At that time the guys from the company «Trapped» decided to present its fans another exciting adventure in which the basis of the gameplay was taken all the same all the favorite gaming system to escape from enclosed spaces. So, if earlier, we are asked to select a «Horror Escape» from a psychiatric hospital or in the «War Escape» to try to leave the torture chambers of the Nazi bunker in «Scary Escape» the developers have gone further and pushed gamers into the world of nightmares. In general, you come to expect only the fear and terrible darkness, and hundreds of clever puzzles can confound even the most advanced player.


To be honest, as such a clever storyline in this new product not just the protagonist once fell asleep in his bed, got into a nightmare in which he came to his misfortune on the creepy clown, so to speak prototype of Freddy Kruger, who has decided to exhaust all means you to exhaustion. By the way, for this he will always throw you from room to room, and out of each following will be much more complicated than the previous.


This section is, in principle, could not write, but we decided to give it a couple of minutes, because quite often the case that new users android devices have never in my life did not play such games, and did not know how they arranged. So, in this new product you need by clicking on the display to look at each location scattered objects, which later can be used to open the only door leading to the next level.


With each next novelty developers of the company «Trapped» improved and developed, as well as coming up with a lot of exciting innovations, so let's hope that «Scary Escape» is not the last of their work, and what their future projects do not lose face.

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Scary EscapeScary EscapeScary EscapeScary EscapeScary EscapeScary EscapeScary Escape

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Download Scary Escape free

Скачиваний: 335
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Scary Escape

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14 December 2014
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14 December 2014
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