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Excellent business simulation . Recently than only we are not forced into restless developers android games in the pursuit of fame and millions of capital. First, we built up a tropical island resort facilities, then erected steel and glass megacities and airports, and then began to engage in farms and cafeterias. By the way, do you happen to notice a trend in modern games going to reduce global queries, according to which we have started to give to the development of a specific small area objects, rather than large-scale areas for development as it was before?


In Play Market demand for business simulations has always been, is and will be, and all because as many gamers very much like to create all sorts of architectural ensembles with their own hands, and then every day to see how your creation live their lives and brings albeit virtual but same income. That's why developers are so closely attached to this genre, and in each of his thematic novelty and strive to implement the mountains Donata, and if you did not notice it in such games at least twice more and harder than in other projects unrelated to construction. Do not believe me, then let's look at all these nuances on the basis of today's hit entitled «Hotel Story: Resort Simulation».


As usual at the beginning of the game developers give us a tiny chance of financial survival, that is, in a particular case, as this project will start small hostel with no larger than 4x4 rooms, most of which have not even a member of the project. So, you need step by step to build up its territory facilities for holidaymakers, gyms, and what other block design (available in the game at least 80 objects apart from jewelry and other decoration), to attract tourists. By the way, that even a little bit to increase their own profits, we would recommend to provide each room accessories (thus it is possible to raise the fee of 5 gold coins to 100), or to organize a couple of three tours in the company's offices, located near the main entrance to the hotel.


As you can see the essence and the basic principles of the game «Hotel Story: Resort Simulation» we presented to you in fine detail, it remains to recall Donato. So, it is not surprising but in this game it is almost invisible, and can only need those people who can not wait three to five minutes while building one or another part of the hotel complex.

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Hotel Story: Resort SimulationHotel Story: Resort SimulationHotel Story: Resort SimulationHotel Story: Resort SimulationHotel Story: Resort SimulationHotel Story: Resort SimulationHotel Story: Resort SimulationHotel Story: Resort Simulation

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Download Hotel Story: Resort Simulation free

Скачиваний: 16

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Hotel Story: Resort Simulation

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26 January 2015
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