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One of the best RTS strategies . In the sixth century AD on the territory of modern India first appeared addictive puzzle game called "Chaturanga", which a hundred years of its existence, has acquired a mass of new regulations and additional figures, resulting into a classical chess have survived. By the way, you happen to have never thought that the developers of the world hit as «Age of Heroes» sketched its gameplay is a step by step with chess, in which as well as they have, every notable figure goes only to a certain number of cells, and to all else has a lot of advantages over the simple infantry as pawns. Although to be honest such projects slightly pale before the RTS strategy in which you need to not only build the right tactics of attack and defense, but also to be able to in real-time to quickly make appropriate amendments to its far-reaching plans.


The world's first RTS strategy has become a toy called «Dune II» which is its unique gameplay not only won millions of people on both sides of the world's oceans, but also strengthened the understanding of game developers key elements of a new genre (collection of resources and strengthening the construction of the base, and directly command and control). So, since then, it took a little more than 20 years, and all the modern RTS strategy is still at 100% corresponds to the canons of the once established company «Westwood Studios». By the way, today we have prepared for you an incredibly exciting new product called «Timelines: Assault on America», which to be honest at least two heads taller than all of its competitors, and no worse than the console counterparts.


According to the storyline of this masterpiece to you and me to take part in the Second World War, but just not in that which we know from the history books, and a bit modified. That is according to the vision of developers «Strategy First» Hitler miraculously managed to put on his knees the whole of Europe, after which he attacked the United States. By the way, from this moment and you have to come into play in order to otstraivaya and developing their own infrastructure step by step to push the German invaders from their territory.


To be honest, the game «Timelines: Assault on America» is something you no second-rate strategy and not a banal urban project, and the most that neither is a military simulator arcade, with the possibility of multiplayer battles in the balance of power, two by two.

Screenshots of the game

Timelines Assault on AmericaTimelines Assault on AmericaTimelines Assault on AmericaTimelines Assault on AmericaTimelines Assault on AmericaTimelines Assault on AmericaTimelines Assault on AmericaTimelines Assault on AmericaTimelines Assault on AmericaTimelines Assault on AmericaTimelines Assault on America

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Download Timelines Assault on America free

Скачиваний: 430
Timelines Assault on America download Google Play
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Timelines Assault on America

Strategy First
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4.0 and higher
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18 February 2015
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18 February 2015
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