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Paranormal Escape download .apk Paranormal Escape 12,32 Mb
Paranormal Escape
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.0
  • 19.02.2015
Скачиваний: 381


Agency paranormal investigations . While the majority of people on our planet every day go to work, fall in love, marry, and have children, qualified agents of the secret extra-services at the cost of his life guarding their way of life and peace of supernatural forces. Yes, imagine ghosts, poltergeists, aliens, and other obscurantism really exists, and if these mythical creatures have not seen specialists on the planet long ago reigned be a real chaos. By the way, is not the case you would like to become one of those secret agents? And then we could help you get a job.


Once again, the guys from the company «Trapped» like gods decided once again to descend from Mount Olympus to the mortals their fans and give them an exciting new quest with lots of tricky puzzles and fun puzzles. By the way, this time in the game called «Paranormal Escape» you will not only solve logical problems with which the genre is famous «Escape», but also everything else to investigate mysterious accidents associated with otherworldly forces. Well, not scary? Then let's go!


If you and I do not see crowds of angry ghosts wandering dark nights for our cities, and now and then the aliens abduct civilians, it still does not mean that they are not really, just out of the secret service guys pretty well cope with their work. By the way, during one of the last jobs Agent Jones along with his partner tried to rein in raging poltergeist, but they unfortunately at that time it did not work out quite as they had hoped. That is, mate Jones hit with serious injuries to the hospital, and here to stay. In general, now in connection with such unexpected events you have a great chance to move from theory to practice, and become a real operational agent.


To be honest, we have quite a long time closely watching the company «Trapped», constantly keeping track of all their designs in the pages of the Play Store (by the way, if desired, on our website you can easily find all of their work), and so they are all so good, that is firmly entrenched in the league table, and every day replenish your luggage positive ratings.

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Paranormal EscapeParanormal EscapeParanormal EscapeParanormal EscapeParanormal EscapeParanormal EscapeParanormal Escape

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Download Paranormal Escape free

Paranormal Escape download .apk Paranormal Escape 12,32 Mb
Paranormal Escape
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.0
  • 19.02.2015
Скачиваний: 381
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Paranormal Escape

Android version:
2.3 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
19 February 2015
Last updated:
19 February 2015
Quests, Logic
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