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Download Street Racing 3D free

Street Racing 3D download .apk Street Racing 3D 84,55 Mb
Street Racing 3D
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 3.9.2
  • 22.06.2019
Скачиваний: 5433


Racing on the highways

If in your veins instead of blood flowing high-octane gasoline, and you love speed and the smell of burning asphalt rubber, then you undoubtedly have come to taste our current Android product called "Street Racing 3D", which represents a steep three-dimensional simulation of circuit racing. The undeniable pluses of this toy is the possibility during the races to Darnitsa with rivals, and thus withdraw their cars from the races, as well as enter into steep turns with drift. But that's not all the advantages of this new product, with others you will be able to meet you after studying this.

Starts free new "Street Racing 3D" like most mobile games, with a training mode in which users will be offered several schemes to control for selection and a brief digression on the nuances of this game a hit. Personally, we recommend you to use the accelerometer, because if you select side cursors, you will be uncomfortable at the same time to enter the turn, and to make a drift to squeeze the hand brake. When you deal with management, and will win the demo race with opponents, you can get to the main menu of the game.

Surprisingly the main menu of the game was simple and concise. At the bottom of the screen displays three tabs such as: Mod Shop (painting cars, and swap disks), Upgrade (installation of new parts), and Maintain (repair body damage). Also in the bottom right corner you can discover a key labeled "Career", which allows you to go straight to the competition. By the way, the career mode is divided into five categories (Amateur Challenge, Urban Rivals, Club, League, Professional, Championship, and Classic Masters) that open to access by the growth of the level of professionalism of the players.

Despite the fact that in the description of this new product posted on her official page in the Play store, it says that it has the ability to compete with other players as we tried, we were unable to find in it such a possibility. Most likely it will appear soon or in such a clever way, the developers of the company "Ivy", just decided to lure the private network as many players as possible. In short, the android game "Street Racing 3D" that looks good, and when it will be full multiplayer, then she gets points from us will be provided.

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Street Racing 3DStreet Racing 3DStreet Racing 3D

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Download Street Racing 3D free

Street Racing 3D download .apk Street Racing 3D 84,55 Mb
Street Racing 3D
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 3.9.2
  • 22.06.2019
Скачиваний: 5433

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Street Racing 3D

Android version:
4.0 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
29 May 2019
Last updated:
29 May 2019
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