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Fatal Fight download .apk Fatal Fight 93,54 Mb
Fatal Fight
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 2.0.236
  • 21.02.2019
Скачиваний: 18


Vendetta in Chinese . For centuries, the ancestors of the martial arts have always been considered Shaolin monks who gained their worldwide fame only by the fact that in 620 AD helped with the power to hold out on the throne of Emperor Li Shimin, as well as its contribution to the establishment of a new dynasty. By the way, since they allow and without any restrictions to carry his teaching to people, and to bring in their temples all interested laymen. So, now we want to present you a quite peculiar themed game in which you will be using martial arts Shaolin monks (Kung Fu) to get even with offenders protagonist.


As the ancient wisdom: he who seeks will always find. That's the guys from the company «Fighting Games» testing themselves in many game genres (board games, puzzle, arcade, and so on) have finally found his talent worthy niche in the Play Store, and released a real hit entitled «Fatal Fight» which frankly deserves recognition not only gamers, but also worldwide fame. By the way, want to know why? Then read our review until the end.


Hundreds of years ago, when China was not yet a unified whole empire disparate clans now and then find out their relations in bloody battles. So, these endless wars lasted for years then, at least as long as the master of Kai Clan of the White Lotus did not put an end to this feud, and went to the mountains for a long meditation. However, a few years later, when our hero decided to return to his native village, instead of the native land he discovered piles of corpses, scorched to the base of the house, and painted banners Clan of Shadows. You understand that such perfidy Kai could not tolerate in any way, and it means that you have with him there was quite a lot of work.


To date, this novelty is no less of five colorful locations, and at least 20 kinds of villains, which in principle is already enough to pass for at least three to four hours of their free time. By the way, the gameplay in this game is quite simple, you just need something and that the time to click on the display when enemies are within the reach of your strokes.


Although the gameplay in the game «Fatal Fight» and no different from any novelty of other similar projects, but nevertheless he easily able to rivet the attention of millions of players from around the world, at least because, unlike them, he has excellent outstanding graphics and storyline.

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Fatal FightFatal FightFatal FightFatal FightFatal FightFatal Fight

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Download Fatal Fight free

Fatal Fight download .apk Fatal Fight 93,54 Mb
Fatal Fight
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 2.0.236
  • 21.02.2019
Скачиваний: 18
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Fatal Fight

Fighting Games
Android version:
4.1 and higher
Tablet, Smartphone
4 March 2015
Last updated:
4 March 2015
Arcade, Fight, Action
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