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The battle for life and death . It's no secret that the Third Reich achieved its unprecedented success solely through occult knowledge that they could learn from his many expeditions to Tibet and in Scandinavia. By the way, for the study of ancestral heritage Hitler specifically in 1935 together with Heinrich Himmler founded the department called "Ahnenerbe", which is included in the submission of more than 50 secret departments. So, since this machine ran at full speed, the Germans took rapid technological breakthrough. Why are only their long-range missiles "Fau" invincible armored tank Panzerkampfwagen VI «Tiger I», and the world's first jet «Heinkel He 176". Who knows what they could still come up, if in 1945, did not lose the war.


We have repeatedly on our site laid out exciting projects of the company «ThunderBull», which is an ardent fan of football, racing and shooters. By the way, most recently by chance into our hands got their next project called «Zombie Call: Trigger Shooter», in which they were the first time in its history, decided to announce a zombie theme. So, in order for their game does not get lost in the pages of Play Store among similar masterpieces, they combined it together the story of the Second World War, and the impending zombie apocalypse. And they came out of it, we are right now and tell you.


So, in early 1945, a team of elite special forces received a secret mission of his command, according to which they had to sneak behind enemy lines and destroy the secret laboratory hidden in the woods. It would seem that so tough, especially for professional soldiers armed to the teeth? However, it turned out that in the institution were incredibly dangerous development of a new virus, which in a few minutes is able to turn any man into a bloodthirsty zombie. In general, during a raid on a laboratory still managed to destroy, but just so very great price, survived only you and the driver of the train where you have to break and to the positions of the army.


Surely you expect that the game «Zombie Call: Trigger Shooter» is a complete 3D shooter, but alas it is not, this novelty just an ordinary shooting with beautiful graphics, in which you need a fortified position to shoot enemies that they may not get to you with hoe little hands, and razor-sharp teeth.

Screenshots of the game

Zombie Call: Trigger ShooterZombie Call: Trigger ShooterZombie Call: Trigger ShooterZombie Call: Trigger ShooterZombie Call: Trigger ShooterZombie Call: Trigger ShooterZombie Call: Trigger ShooterZombie Call: Trigger ShooterZombie Call: Trigger ShooterZombie Call: Trigger ShooterZombie Call: Trigger Shooter

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Download Zombie Call: Trigger Shooter free

Скачиваний: 93
Zombie Call: Trigger Shooter download Google Play
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Zombie Call: Trigger Shooter

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2.3 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
23 March 2015
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23 March 2015
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