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Return of Scrooge McDuck . September 18, 1987 on television screens around the world for the first time released adventure animated series produced by Walt Disney called "Duck Tales", which later paved the way for such projects as "Miracles on bends", "Black Cloak" and "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers" . By the way, this project is so much sunk into the soul of viewers that it four times extended for an additional season, resulting in the full version of the adventure of the richest duck Daksburga was exactly 100 series, and at least two dozen of similar games for all platforms existing today. In short, welcome continuation of the acclaimed hit.

The Introduction.

Today, your attention, we want to present a game called «DuckTales Remastered», which has recently appeared in the Play Store. So, apparently, the company «Disney» ended with fresh ideas, or at all, and passed across-reduction, because every now and then they have recently become revivify their old projects, and port them from one platform to another. Although to be honest, perhaps it will bring them a lot of money, unless of course they will not be so hard to lift up the prices of all their masterpieces (this novelty nor much they appreciated a lot of almost $ 10).

The Plot.

As usual peaceful life in rasprekrasno Daksburge violate their antics only Gavs brothers, who once again decided to test his fate, and rob the vault of Scrooge. But there it was, as we know McDuck for their money strangle anyone, especially if they're playing you. In general, from that moment and you have to come into play in order to clear his store from the treacherous invaders, and then together with your favorite nephew, Billy Dilly, and Willie, a journey for new fabulous wealth (in the course of the story you will visit the Himalayas, in the Amazon jungle, in Africa, in Transylvania, and even on the moon).


To be honest, from the time of the release of the first game of the same name in 1989, the gameplay has not changed. Scrooge as before jumping on the platforms, collect a variety of prizes, and with the help of his cane snap enemies by jumping on their heads. So really new to this game waiting for nothing, except a nice colorful graphics, and an abundance of videos, which there are so many that sometimes gives the impression that you're not playing, and watching a cartoon.


In general, the game «DuckTales Remastered» likely enjoy only those who had previously been a fan of the animated series, as the rest of the gamers it probably will not be able to catch a chord with its primitive graphics and poor storyline.

Screenshots of the game

DuckTales Remastered DuckTales Remastered DuckTales Remastered DuckTales Remastered DuckTales Remastered DuckTales Remastered DuckTales Remastered DuckTales Remastered DuckTales Remastered DuckTales Remastered

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Download DuckTales Remastered free

Скачиваний: 2688
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DuckTales Remastered

Android version:
4.1 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
4 April 2015
Last updated:
4 April 2015
Arcade, Platformers, Action
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570 руб
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