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Download Тор 2 free

Тор 2 download .apk Тор 2 48,07 Mb
Тор 2
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.1.0m
  • 27.04.2014
Скачиваний: 2706
Тор 2 - много денег download .apk Тор 2 - много денег 48,04 Mb
Тор 2 - много денег
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.1.0m - много денег
  • 27.04.2014
Скачиваний: 2231


The official game of the god of thunder Reincarnated in this thunder god Thor in the official game of the original filmMarvelfrom the developers of the companyGameloft. Lord of the Dark Elves, Malekith leads hordes of troops on the nine worlds! . Join forces with the great warriors of Asgard and tear plans villain Malekith, you - the only hope for 9 worlds!


What immediately surprised, because this is what the game of free Gameloftrasprostranyaetsya. Therefore not at all surprised that there Donat in the game, but more on that later. The game has an interesting story behind which is fun to watch though no translation of dialogues, but there is a Russian-language annotations. As the story our hero Thor will join various characters who help on the battlefields. The game has nine locations worlds, each of which is divided into levels, the problem at all levels is the same, save the world from invaders and bring peace by defeating the final boss of each level. This will help us not only joining warriors, but role-playing component, which allows to develop the skills and character to make it faster and stronger. Here is just and disclosed donation system, which was mentioned before, the money earned in-game probably will not suffice and, therefore, likely to have to invest a couple of hundred for the development of blood denezhek. Of course, you can do and what we have, but it will be much harder. Very interesting implemented control of the game, such as the virtual joystick in the game there, you have to Tapan on the screen to navigate through locations that would need to throw a hammer tapnut two fingers, for that would cause lightning lightning need to hold your finger on the screen.



Visually, as expected from such a game, and even more so from the developers of Gameloft, present fully meet expectations graphics, polygons enough already for 24-inch screen, and the animation and accurately traced the effects will not make your eyes miss. Animation also performed at the proper level. Sound just great, the characters sounded interesting as it should be and, of course, if you know English, for those who are not strong in the Russian-speaking languages ??have annotations, so that the game will be interesting to watch videos all in the course of the story.



The result was a very high quality game on the world of the Marvel Universe. Developers not only took the trouble to make the game quality, but also pleasantly pleased with the opportunity to choose from Donati in the game or not, by making access to it free. You just have to decide whether to allocate 1.5 GB for it or not.

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Тор 2Тор 2Тор 2Тор 2Тор 2Тор 2Тор 2Тор 2

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Download Тор 2 free

Тор 2 download .apk Тор 2 48,07 Mb
Тор 2
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.1.0m
  • 27.04.2014
Скачиваний: 2706
Тор 2 - много денег download .apk Тор 2 - много денег 48,04 Mb
Тор 2 - много денег
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.1.0m - много денег
  • 27.04.2014
Скачиваний: 2231

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Тор 2

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27 April 2014
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27 April 2014
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