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Arcade Fighting . To create a project that can shoot, most of the time Android game developers nestle an idea for years before it gets realized by the team of well-equipped professionals. Once the egg is hatched, the baby-game gets a whirl of promotion before it actually becomes popular. This last stage has been omitted by the creative group of this game. Actually, the years of development have also been omitted. This newborn is an effort of only a few days of work but it has immediately touched the audience. Would you like to know why?


In 2012 a Sweden filmmaker David Sandberg, managed to crowd-fund a 30-minute movie called Kung Fury, a deranged homage to Eighties action movies. Sandberg first uploaded a two-minute trailer for the film, which has since racked up more than 10 million views. Sandberg and his team filmed a lot of the content on a shoestring budget, before embarking on a Kickstarter campaign, to raise the funds to complete the post-production phase, as many of the film’s settings had to be built digitally. The key to the project's success is supposed to be its plot.

Story Line 

Once upon a time, in 1985, a young cop named Kung Fury, together with his partner, was chasing a red ninja. You know how the ninja are reputed to be extremely agile and fast. Well, this red one ended up slicing Fury's partner in half with his own sword. The red ghost would have killed our character as well, if it hadn't been for the simultaneous strike of a lightning and a bite of a snake that Fury received at that moment. As it is, you cannot usually get out of mishaps like these without acquiring some kind of superpowers. After the assassination of his friend by kung-fu master, Kung Fury learns of an international criminal Adolf Hitler (yes, that one) who kills half the police department to provoke Fury to duel with him. Fury travels back in time to Nazi Germany to alter history and bring the "Kung Führer” down, but the time machine makes a fatal mistake and sends him way further back than he expected, to the era of the dinosaurs. 


Whatever inspired the filmmakers to create a story like that, it blew minds and continues to do so. Well, now you get to be the main character in a video game based on this incredible film, very well-received at the Cannes Festival, by the way. You go through the whole chain of events controlling your character with two keys (move right and left).

Bottom Line 

Before you download the game Kung Fury: Street Rage, you really should take the time and watch the movie for dinosaurs, ancient people, and the nazi with Hitler as their lead, all appearing at the heart of Miami may seem deranged and hard to grasp.  

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Kung Fury Street RageKung Fury Street RageKung Fury Street RageKung Fury Street RageKung Fury Street RageKung Fury Street RageKung Fury Street Rage

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Download Kung Fury Street Rage free

Скачиваний: 103
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Kung Fury Street Rage

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8 June 2015
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8 June 2015
Arcade, Fight, Action
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