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Arcade Survival Racing . Race cars are expensive as they are but their repair is ludicrously costly, so racers try hard to bring the least possible damage to their vehicle during a competition. However, a new type of race has appeared in the USA recently. The classical race changes its purpose. The competitor's aim is no longer the finish line, but the total destruction of his rivals' cars. 


A Dutch developing company by the name of Lunagames Fun & Games has been on the Android market for several years producing project after project, seeing how they were doomed to failure and leaving them unfixed to start something new in the hope of a better response from the audience. We were very skeptical of the nature of their last work considering their lack of perseverance in the past, but, to our great surprise, Demolition Derby: Crash Racing turns out to be a real hit. 


You are in for 3 survival racing turns. First, the classical arena where you basically need to crash into other cars to try and smash them. Second are the ring tracks consisting of several circles, the first driver to get to the finish line wins. Third is called an Eight where the previous two are meddled. Every victory earns you points and gold coins that you can spend to upgrade you iron stallion (staunchness, speed, control, brakes) or buy one of the five new cars currently available for sale. 

Bottom Line 

If you like arcade races and you don't mind crashing a few dozen of bolides with your own, then download Demolition Derby: Crash Racing right now! 

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Demolition Derby: Crash RacingDemolition Derby: Crash RacingDemolition Derby: Crash RacingDemolition Derby: Crash RacingDemolition Derby: Crash RacingDemolition Derby: Crash RacingDemolition Derby: Crash RacingDemolition Derby: Crash Racing

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Download Demolition Derby: Crash Racing free

Скачиваний: 69

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Demolition Derby: Crash Racing

Lunagames Fun & Games
Android version:
2.3 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
12 September 2015
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12 September 2015
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