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A Multiplayer Strategy
A good king must be wise, but he should also be kind, assertive, courageous and skilled in battle and diplomacy. Wisdom is highlighted because wisdom helps the king to discern what to do and whether to show his kind side or his forceful side in a particular situation. Power, ambition, riches, generousity, it is easy to find examples where they led to a leaders downfall on the end.  I would be hard pressed to ever find a time where wisdom was ever the cause of someone's failure. Do you think you could wear the crown well? 


Royal Empire: Realm of War is brought to us from China by tap4fun. It is yet another game along the same lines as Clash of Clans. However, it does have something that makes it stand out among the similar content. 


In this strategy, your job is to build an infrastructure around your castle and send warriors to battle from time to time. Make sure you pay attention to international relations because if you don't, you may become a military target of other kingdoms. The developers don't let the attacking begin before a player reaches level 9 and builds his lands properly. After that, however, all limitations for wars and upgrades are off automatically. 

Bottom Line 

Tiday, tap4fun is known worldwide for its projects like King's Empire (50,000,000 downloads), Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor (40,000,000 downloads). These games are very much like Royal Empire: Realm of War, so it must be in for success, too. 

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Royal Empire: Realm of WarRoyal Empire: Realm of WarRoyal Empire: Realm of WarRoyal Empire: Realm of WarRoyal Empire: Realm of WarRoyal Empire: Realm of WarRoyal Empire: Realm of WarRoyal Empire: Realm of War

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Download Royal Empire: Realm of War free

Скачиваний: 42
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Royal Empire: Realm of War

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2.3 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
19 March 2016
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19 March 2016
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