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VVVVVV download .apk VVVVVV 47,97 Mb
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.0
  • 23.06.2014
Скачиваний: 1490


Hardcore platformer

VVVVVV -this is hardcore and very steep indie platformer for android. It will appeal to fans of challenging games, unusual graphics, gameplay and unexpected. Imagine that you were a spaceship, which in turn was in another dimension. The whole team had disappeared and now your goal - is to find them and bring together. But it will be very difficult, another dimension implies another gravitational and unknown laws of physics.


Infrequently indie game gets successful and even more rarely get the recognition. This game is one of those who can get something, and another. Remember certainly game for another dandy of prospector. VVVVVVYou just remind about it, visually it is similar to the bestseller, but the gameplay of this game is much more interesting. In addition, there is even a no plot that makes the subject of our discussion is interesting. You have to move on platforms principle task is not that difficult, but there is this problem just vhorvet you the whole brain and its modified gravizatsiey unusual physics. Thus the game you do not just prolong and swallow very, very long time. Gameplay of the game is very long enough, we need only to start and stop will not work. The game is worth in the Market about 120 rubles, it is a very small price for such an elegant and interesting game where you need to pay only one time donation and advertising you see, and help developers thus thanking them. Maybe as a mutual gratitude they make another plush toy.


Visually, the game takes us back to the past, while leaving in the present. Nostalgia and recent experience in one bottle. Executed is not very difficult, but very interesting and fresh. Eight-bit music just sink down into the soul, and after a while would not seem unusual, but quite natural for this game.


The game just smart, it can go kill 5 minutes and close only an hour, the gameplay is just as fascinating as hardcore. To summarize, I want to say that it was worth every ruble that developers ask for it, and is likely to remain on permanent and very many fans of platformers, indie projects, 8-bit consoles (which is a whole generation) and just have lovers of quality games.

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Download VVVVVV free

VVVVVV download .apk VVVVVV 47,97 Mb
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.0
  • 23.06.2014
Скачиваний: 1490
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Terry Cavanagh
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2.2 and higher
Tablet, Smartphone
23 June 2014
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23 June 2014
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