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Funny zombie puzzle . Every gamer has their preferences, some people like the strategy of someone fighting, and someone tough shooters, but there are some that do not appeal to except logic games. So, if all of the above categories of gamers of all sorts games galore, here fans of puzzles really hard, because all of what they can expect is either "Puzzles", or projects from the series "Three in a row". Isn't it not a lot? So we thought, why don't we get any exciting fresh project with a funny story, and as unconventional puzzle gameplay? Said, done!


Well, as we have just above you said, our current novelty called «Zombie Maze: Puppy rescue» is quite an unusual puzzle game, but what else could we expect from the boys of company "BulkyPix", which constantly delight their gamers with various imaginative projects. Why are only such games as: "Chicken Fighters", "Flail Rider", and "Wire Defuser" who, despite their erratic gameplay, easily able to outdo many of its competitors.


As such, any particular story in this new product no, we only know that after a few years ago on the planet Earth swept the plague, many people have turned into zombies, and those who managed to survive in this confusion, steel as well as our main character, wandering through the sewers. So, as you know, under the ground, no food, and it means that from time to time to our guy we need to rise to the surface and fight the zombies for the right to exist.


So, in order to pass any of the 48 locations, you need to control the main character using swipe, try step by step to destroy all the zombies. For this you need to calculate your move through the cells of the playing field so that in its course become to the cell with zombies. By the way, this might be difficult, because after each of your turn, the walking dead will make its moves and if they get to you before, then you will have to start all over again.


In General, if you're a fan of puzzle games, but you have to heart pain tired of "Puzzles" and projects from the series "Three in a row", then be sure to pay attention to the game «Zombie Maze: Puppy rescue».

Screenshots of the game

Zombie Maze: Puppy rescueZombie Maze: Puppy rescueZombie Maze: Puppy rescueZombie Maze: Puppy rescueZombie Maze: Puppy rescueZombie Maze: Puppy rescueZombie Maze: Puppy rescueZombie Maze: Puppy rescue

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Download Zombie Maze: Puppy rescue free

Скачиваний: 16

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Zombie Maze: Puppy rescue

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14 April 2016
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14 April 2016
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