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Superhero platformer . Do you think it's easy to be a super hero? To run day to day for the bad guys, and to engage them in fierce battle for life and death? Yes, and besides, along the way, don't forget to save them civilians, and the world in General? By the way, we forgot to say that usually, the hero of the entire mi is always the same, but the bad boys are always against him no less than a thousand. Well, after these words you still believe that there is nothing difficult? Then be sure to download to your device our new product from the company "Qiwi Games LLC".


Before continuing the review of the game «The Ables: Freepoint High» it is definitely worth to say that its development had a hand none other than Jeremy Scott, the Creator of such a popular channel on YouTube as "CinemaSins" (today he's a little over five and a half million subscribers) in which he examines all the mistakes and flaws of Directors, and operators made during filming. So, it is this very unusual work pushed the guy to the creation of the game in which he mixed together plots and characters from different films. By the way, initially this project was developed for PC, but after his stunning success in Steam, the game was ported to Android and IOS.


According to a brief history of the game, we learn that in a certain town with the modest name "FreePoint" is a very unusual school in which studying is not an easy school students, and aspiring super heroes. It is therefore not surprising that for her, I decided to ask your pre-emptive strike, a villain who calls himself "the Cardinal". In General, what started it all, words can not convey, but to clean up all this confusion will have for you.


Immediately after starting the game we suggest to choose for playing one of the two super heroes, Alex or Emily, but honestly, the fact it does not change. So once you decide on your choice, you will be asked to undergo training to learn how to not only run and jump, but also waving his fists, and even use the super ability. By the way, this game is incredibly much like invisibility, levitation, shooting lasers from his eyes, stone fists, and so on), so learn how to use them, otherwise coming from the city, and met with his enemies, you will helplessly fall into a stupor.


In General, to be honest, the game «The Ables: Freepoint High» from "Qiwi Games LLC" is nothing more than a kind of colorful platformer a story about super heroes.

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The Ables: Freepoint HighThe Ables: Freepoint HighThe Ables: Freepoint HighThe Ables: Freepoint HighThe Ables: Freepoint HighThe Ables: Freepoint HighThe Ables: Freepoint HighThe Ables: Freepoint High

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Download The Ables: Freepoint High free

Скачиваний: 184
The Ables: Freepoint High download Google Play 200 руб
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The Ables: Freepoint High

Qiwi Games LLC
Android version:
2.3 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
21 April 2016
Last updated:
21 April 2016
Arcade, Platformers, Action
Price on Google Play:
200 руб
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