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A fun platformer . Many gamers actually game critics, often say that all copies look much worse than original games, because in order to get away from the blatant plagiarism of their developers must make their projects some adjustments, which as you know is not going to such projects for the benefit of. So to be honest, we had also thought so, until recently to us not please free new from the guys from the company "Immortal Game Studio"the idea and the gameplay which they licked clean under with a paid game "Infestor" from the guys "Noodlecake Studios Inc". By the way, that their project came out better than the original, you can judge not only our review, but also by number of downloads, and even in the final assessment in Play Market.


According to a brief history of the game «Jelly Killer: Retro Platformer» we know that on our planet 2764 year there was a terrible zombie Apocalypse, which humanity only just managed to cope during the long twenty years. And what is interesting, having overcome this problem, scientists have abandoned all the zombies in the furnace, and began to study them, with the result that could bring the zombie genome, and on its basis to create a military biological weapon of new generation, using which you can turn any creature into a zombie, and to lead them as you wish. In General, not a weapon but a fairy tale. But scientists did not consider one that is their weapons, which are incorporeal substance, is able to think independently, and wants to break free, and escape from all their creators.


In General, as you probably might guess, this ethereal being in the blackout managed to escape from the lab, and now it needs your help in order to escape from the military complex to freedom. By the way, for this you will need to carry it through five dozen locations filled with traps. But it does not matter, because you can always get closer to the man will inhabit his body and use it as you please (move the box, shoot at the weapons of others, or just jump them into the abyss for the flight pushed them to perform a double jump).


In General, summing up under all of the above, you can make only one conclusion, the game «Jelly Killer: Retro Platformer» the guys from "the Immortal Game Studio" really came out much better than the original, and in all respects.

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Jelly Killer: Retro PlatformerJelly Killer: Retro PlatformerJelly Killer: Retro PlatformerJelly Killer: Retro PlatformerJelly Killer: Retro PlatformerJelly Killer: Retro PlatformerJelly Killer: Retro PlatformerJelly Killer: Retro PlatformerJelly Killer: Retro Platformer

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Download Jelly Killer: Retro Platformer free

Скачиваний: 74
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Jelly Killer: Retro Platformer

Android version:
2.3 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
4 June 2016
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4 June 2016
Arcade, Platformers, Action
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