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Graphic novel . Over the past five thousand years, who not only worshipped by the people on our suffering planet, ranging from thundering Zeus, Poseidon, Anubis, and Osiris, and to Jesus Christ, Buddha, and Krishna, the simultaneous existence of which, if you know, contradict each other. So about two thousand years ago, it was decided to abolish the gods of the old world, and begin to worship new. Although to be honest, the essence has not changed, changed only the names of the gods. By the way, do you believe in the existence of gods? If so, what do you think, is there really Heaven or Hell? What, can't answer us on this issue? Then let's see what people think about this guys from the company "NextGeneration Studio"!


If until recently we admired text quests new sample (Lifeline, Tank Raid, Hello, stranger, and so on), in which it was necessary to listen carefully to the protagonists, and to help them practical advice, to try to bring the storyline to a positive and non-negative the final, just yesterday, we realized that this genre is still far from perfect, and it can be, and should develop further. What, you think this is impossible? But the developers of the company "NextGeneration Studio" proved us the opposite, with the release of his hit single titled «Limb: Journey to Hell».


One evening an unknown man knocked on the door to our main character, and when he opened it, then dropped dead on the threshold, having only to put his hands on the old clock. And guess what, as soon as our guy before they touched, in the same moment transported to a wondrous place where a circle was devastated, and strange creatures and then attacked passers-by are rare. Isn't that a horror, huh? But further more, as it turned out in fact that place called "Limbo" and is a sump between Heaven and Hell, in which a deity under the name of Chronos collects the souls of the people for some purpose nevidannoy anyone. So, your task in this game is to try to understand this difficult situation.


The first thing that catches the eye in this toy is the fact that it, unlike simple text quests all scenes, without exception, have illustrations, and the protagonist is no longer just a character without a family, without a tribe, and not a person who has a life scale and the four basic skills (strength, luck, charisma, and dexterity), the correct distribution of points between which the dialogs will appear more options.


If you're a fan of text quests, and would like to play something new relating to the genre, then the game «Limb: Journey to Hell».

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Limb: Journey to HellLimb: Journey to HellLimb: Journey to HellLimb: Journey to HellLimb: Journey to HellLimb: Journey to HellLimb: Journey to HellLimb: Journey to Hell

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Download Limb: Journey to Hell free

Скачиваний: 56
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Limb: Journey to Hell

NextGeneration Studio
Android version:
4.0 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
3 June 2016
Last updated:
3 June 2016
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