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Dreamland download .apk Dreamland 17,47 Mb
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.0
  • 21.06.2016
Скачиваний: 186


Creepy, dark quest . What should the little kiddies growing up? That's right, fun, fun, fun and again fun, and lots of fun! And where is all you can get? Same is true in the parks with rides, where from dawn to dusk spinning carousel, in which clowns tirelessly to entertain the children, and where every corner peddling cotton candy and popcorn. What you already felt to visit such a Park? Then welcome to our new product, which the developers of the company "Nevosoft Inc has prepared for you a truly memorable tour of the Park with plenty of rides. Well, go? But to start, let's clarify the fine details: this tour will happen at night and you will be the only person in the Park, and to enter you'll have to hock my soul to the Devil. But it's nothing compared to the upcoming fun?


According to a brief history of the game «Dreamland» we know that in a prosperous family lost a ten year old boy named James, who for several days to no avail looking for all the city. And now, when he lowered his hands, he returned home, but that's just not healthy as you were before this incident and very sick, so much so that without saying any word, immediately fell into a coma. What happened to him is unknown, but what is strange, sister James found he's got a fresh ticket to an amusement Park, which is actually closed for several years. In General, without thinking twice, she decided to go to the Park, to try to understand what really happened to her brother. And as soon as she entered it, as soon as it met with the vile dwarf living in this place, which everyone here takes the incoming souls, if they can't solve all of its riddles. By the way, this is what happened to baby James, and now may you, unless of course you will not be able to solve all the mysteries of this dwarf!


As in all such quests in this new product you have to look for different things in the scenes of hidden objects, solve a lot of puzzles and solve clever puzzles in General, by all means try to find the opportunity to leave this horrible place, not only with his soul but with the soul of the brother of the main character.


If you like terrible quests, the main purpose of which is to frighten gamers, then you should definitely play «Dreamland».

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Download Dreamland free

Dreamland download .apk Dreamland 17,47 Mb
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.0
  • 21.06.2016
Скачиваний: 186
Dreamland download Google Play 250 руб
Переходов: 19

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Nevosoft Inc
Android version:
3.0 and higher
Tablet, Smartphone
21 June 2016
Last updated:
21 June 2016
Quests, Logic
Price on Google Play:
250 руб
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