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Battle for the planet Earth . If the night in clear weather to lift his head to heaven, then it is easily possible to see hundreds of thousands of stars, around which revolve dozens of planets in the likeness of those that are in our Solar system. But interestingly, at least in our system revolves around the Sun more than nine planets, life exists only on one, and it means that if we, when not whether, arrive belligerent aliens from distant worlds, they for colonization probably will attract only the Earth and no other planet. It is here that we have to engage them in an unequal battle, otherwise they will either enslave us, or simply destroyed, as if some harmful insects.


No more than in 1996, Roland Emmerich took the most epic movie about the struggle earthlings with alien invaders, who decided to destroy humanity. By the way, that movie made the real furor in the world, so it is not surprising that after some time, the Roland Emmerich decided to take on filming the second part of his hit, to outdo himself. By the way, our current novelty called «Independence Day: Extinction» created on its basis.


As in the film of the same name, this novelty events will develop in exactly 20 years after the victory over the aliens, during which humanity had adopted their technology, knowing that sooner or later they will come back for revenge. And now, the day has come, and now you need to decide on whose side you want to fight. Yes, you heard right, this game is really possible to fight for anyone, whether it be for the people, or alien invaders, although to be honest, the essence remains the same. That is, in fact, and in another case, you will need to build and strengthen their base, upgrade their buildings and hire soldiers, to attacking outposts of enemies, take their valuable resources. By the way, this is a new online project, and this means that it you can compete not only with bots but with real gamers from around the world, to unite with them in clans, try to lead your faction to intergalactic domination.


If you're a fan of such films as «Independence Day» and would like as well as the main characters to contribute in an intergalactic war, then do not pass by this news.

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Independence Day: ExtinctionIndependence Day: ExtinctionIndependence Day: ExtinctionIndependence Day: ExtinctionIndependence Day: ExtinctionIndependence Day: ExtinctionIndependence Day: ExtinctionIndependence Day: ExtinctionIndependence Day: ExtinctionIndependence Day: Extinction

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Download Independence Day: Extinction free

Скачиваний: 78
Independence Day: Extinction download Google Play
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