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Mobilna version Assassins Creed . After in 2007, the band released the first game in the series "Assassin's Creed" from the company "Ubisoft", as if the world had gone mad, because it was not just some third-rate play, and a universe with a huge open world, where playing the proud Assassin, fighting Templars, you could try to change the course of history. What can I say, this was the first project of its kind where you can do absolutely anything, and then another and hide among the people, from his detractors and persecutors. So, in other words, in this toy successfully merged the best of such game franchises as Grand Theft Auto," "Hitman," and "Tom Clancy's".


Previously, the company "Ubisoft Entertainment" has tried to move to mobile platforms their game series about Assassins (Assassin's Creed Pirates"), but as you know, anything acceptable from this did not come out, because instead of a sensible three-dimensional arcade game with dynamic gameplay, we'll have nothing more than a collection of repetitive mini-games. But still, after that, the gamers are not stopped believing in "Ubisoft", hoping that one day those will still enjoy their normal game about Assassins. And what do you think of this long awaited day has come, and we with great pleasure want to present to you the game «Assassin’s Creed Identity».


So, what can you tell about this project, which we waited over five long years? Well, let's start with the positive aspects, which include excellent 3D graphics comparable with games consoles, and a pretty nice control of the main character. Also, you should definitely mention that in this game we finally got what we wanted, namely, freedom of action and movement, the ability to climb houses, and killing opponents to hide in the crowd, or in haystacks. But how do you know if there are advantages, so there are downsides, and in this case incredibly much. This is, firstly, really nice location. Second, the complete lack of storyline (in the game there are incoherent short briefing in a few lines). Third, exorbitant prices for equipment (normal costume costs 60,000 coins, at a time when the execution of a job do not pay more than 300). And fourthly, is that despite the fact that this game is in the Play store quite a lot of money (from 4 to 5$), and greedy developers for unlocking new locations need to pay 1 to 2$.


If you are a true fan of the game series about Assassins, the game «Assassin’s Creed Identity» and you probably don't like it , otherwise, if you have never played, then it you may be interested themselves, but only for a couple of days. (PS: deflate cache the game itself, and for each specific device it is unique).

Screenshots of the game

Assassin’s Creed IdentityAssassin’s Creed IdentityAssassin’s Creed IdentityAssassin’s Creed IdentityAssassin’s Creed IdentityAssassin’s Creed IdentityAssassin’s Creed IdentityAssassin’s Creed Identity

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Download Assassin’s Creed Identity free

Скачиваний: 25516
Assassin’s Creed Identity download Google Play 250 руб
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Assassin’s Creed Identity

Ubisoft Entertainment
Android version:
4.1 and higher
Tablet, Smartphone
14 July 2016
Last updated:
14 July 2016
Arcade, Action
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250 руб
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