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3D shooter with multiplayer . For anybody not a secret that many progressive gamers these days, just love to play three-dimensional shooters, and most of them still with whom to play, with a naive bots or real people. But we all understand that this is not so, lively human intelligence is much steeper than any computer program, and frankly, no one has been able neither to copy nor to surpass. So if you, like most normal gamers, I love intelligent shooters with arcade stuffing, and would like to engage with the crowd not trivial bots, but only with real live players, then consider that you have got to address.


If on PC the only full-fledged multiplayer shooter is still considered to be a mega hit like "Counter-Strike", until today on the mobile platform Android has not yet had a single full game able to compare with it. Yes, this is not a joke, actually, it is in fact, even the notorious "Modern combat" from the company "Gameloft", which is at times worse than our current novelty from the company "Logflip" called «SmokeHead: FPS Multiplayer». Well, want to know what this game is so good?


First, this new product has a completely normal three-dimensional graphics, which, though not brilliant in its detail, but still looks quite respectable. Second, in this 3D game there is not one game mode, and once three (the tournament, capture the flag and death match). Third, if in other fps games there is offline mode, in this toy, it is not. And fourthly, only in this project there is not one location for battle, and more than three dozen, each of which has many unique features. Well, tell me how you like this game? If you are still undecided, you will probably be interested to know that the majority of locations taken from the beloved "Counter Strike", which is almost a hundred percent match to the original.


Well, in principle, perhaps, and all that we wanted to tell you about the game «SmokeHead: FPS Multiplayer», it remains only finally to add that this project did not require a broadband connection to the Internet, it is enough and a standard "GPRS" connection.

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SmokeHead: FPS MultiplayerSmokeHead: FPS MultiplayerSmokeHead: FPS MultiplayerSmokeHead: FPS Multiplayer

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Download SmokeHead: FPS Multiplayer free

Скачиваний: 114
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SmokeHead: FPS Multiplayer

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4.0 and higher
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13 July 2016
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13 July 2016
FPS, Action
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