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Simulator patrol officer . What do you think, is it safe to walk the streets of your city at night? Don't know what to answer? And let us answer for you! Now it's dangerous at night to walk completely around any city, because the crime rate in our days is through the roof, and police patrols on the streets is so small that even if they were to call for help, they are unlikely to arrive to you in time. So what to do, how to change this trend for the better? It's very simple, only need to replenish the ranks of the police, and go out on patrol in your area.


If you're a fan of arcade simulators, and in particular projects on the theme of crime, then in that case you should be familiar with the work of companies such as VascoGames, which, in recent times, abandoning the ordinary linear simulators, and began to create toys with complete freedom of action, and large open worlds. That is, something similar to such game series as "GTA". By the way, not so long ago, we already introduced you to them this kind of projects ("Police vs Gangster New York 3D", "California Straight 2: Compton", and so on), and today I want to introduce another, called «Police Motorcycle Crime Sim».


In General, the essence in fact, this new product from the company "VascoGames", you will be out on the streets of new York city, to begin to deal with the high-handed crime, namely, to overtake and arrest the bandits on his official bike. Yes, it is on the bike, not by car, because the bike is more nimble and maneuverable mode of transportation that may easily drive, where the car is not under force. By the way, if you succeed, you capture every thug will start to pay bonuses for which you can buy more powerful bikes (at the moment their is only five pieces). Now as for the controls. Here, in principle, everything is simple, on the left is the cursor to move left and right and in the right corner two pedals gas and brake (in addition to emergency braking, you can activate the key with a hand brake). So, having a new challenge you at the same time will see on the mini map where you want to go, and as you arrive, you will understand who they need to catch.


To be honest, the idea of the game «Police Motorcycle Crime Sim» very interesting, and I can even say unusual, but alas, its implementation is a bit weak (poor graphics, monotonous job, and very little traffic on the roads).

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Police Motorcycle Crime SimPolice Motorcycle Crime SimPolice Motorcycle Crime SimPolice Motorcycle Crime SimPolice Motorcycle Crime SimPolice Motorcycle Crime SimPolice Motorcycle Crime Sim

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Download Police Motorcycle Crime Sim free

Скачиваний: 1497
Police Motorcycle Crime Sim download Google Play
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Police Motorcycle Crime Sim

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31 August 2016
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31 August 2016
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