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Simulator Gladiator Ludus . For anybody not a secret that two thousand years ago, Rome had such fun as Gladiator fights, which quickly gained popularity among the common people. Luckily, at that time, the Romans constantly waged wars of conquest, and slaves for performances in the arena was never a shortage of. It was only later, after a hundred years, any free person, having a great desire, he could become a Gladiator, because those are incredibly a lot of pay, namely, one show's a good fighter often could earn the salary of a Legionnaire over a year. Isn't it a substantial amount of money? Now imagine how much they were earning the owners of ladusaw in which they were trained? By the way, I don't want to open his own school of gladiators, and to personally educate this Champ?


As we have just told you, the game «Gladiators: Immortal Glory» from the company "Reludo srl", it's not a fighting game, and not even another slasher, and the most that neither is a fight simulation game where the main objective is to properly and most efficiently train their gladiators, and of course tell them during fights, how better to behave in a given situation. Well, what do you think, will you be able to cope with this very difficult task?


So as soon as you launch this project, you will immediately be asked to found his own school of gladiators, and give a certain amount of money to purchase the first unit. So, in order to become rich and famous all over the gaming world, you will need to constantly train your boyfriend with the mass embedded in the project of mini games, then it was not shameful to expose him to a fight. Here, by the way, the fun begins. To win in a particular match, you must block enemy attacks, and to inflict their (left two buttons for protection, the right two for attack). Wins the battle of the one who kills his opponent (life of the strip located at the top of the display). Well then it's simple, you get a victory money, train them fighters, and acierate their sensible armor and equipment. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, this project is a multi-user, this means that all of your battles you'll be spending with real people.


To be honest, the game «Gladiators: Immortal Glory», good all around, it has everything you need for a sensible simulation, the only thing that could be fixed, so it is slightly angular graphics.

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Gladiators: Immortal GloryGladiators: Immortal GloryGladiators: Immortal GloryGladiators: Immortal GloryGladiators: Immortal GloryGladiators: Immortal GloryGladiators: Immortal GloryGladiators: Immortal GloryGladiators: Immortal GloryGladiators: Immortal GloryGladiators: Immortal Glory

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Download Gladiators: Immortal Glory free

Скачиваний: 1115
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Gladiators: Immortal Glory

Reludo srl
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4.1 and higher
Tablet, Smartphone
15 September 2016
Last updated:
15 September 2016
Fight, Simulators
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