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Devil to Die download .apk Devil to Die 55,94 Mb
Devil to Die
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.1.3
  • 24.03.2018
Скачиваний: 16


Custom strategy . For anybody not a secret that the main goal of any game is to defeat all the enemies of the protagonist, who stood in his way. So imagine how we were surprised when they learned that a young team of developers, referred to only as "Whed created a project in which the opposite is necessary to help his enemies get to you, they want to destroy you. Isn't that a rather unusual goal for the game? What, you can't even imagine how this idea can be realized, and as such a masterpiece to play? Then by all means read this review, which we have looked at this new product.


For several thousands of years with varying degrees of success are fighting with dark powers of hellish halls manages the Almighty Devil. Speaking of the Devil, he's so tired that he too would be glad to get him killed, Yes, but the trouble is, he has never in his life seen a single hero is able to sneak into his underground tenure through the legions guarding his demons. So he decided to personally lend a hand in creating such a hero.


The essence in fact in the game «Devil to Die» you will, playing for the Devil to help the knight with his brave team to reach the throne room, located in the heart of the infernal realm, that they killed him there. For this purpose in each of the locations you will need to having in the submission of a certain number of demons (they differ from each other not only by the strength and quality of life, but also the type of weapon), try to inflict them on characters so that they were able to cope with them, because if the characters die, then your plan to kill herself fails. By the way, even though you are the devil, but to control the demons is not so simple, and it means that if the timer in the upper part of the display reaches zero, all the demons that you will not have time to put on the field of battle yourself automatically selects the weakest character (that which will remain less life), and will attack the whole crowd that will surely lead to his defeat.


To be honest, such a funny story, and innovative gameplay in our lives we have never seen, maybe that's why the game «Devil to Die» from the company "Whed", and managed to give us such a positive impression. So if you do not mind to play something unusual and entertaining, the project is what you need.

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Devil to DieDevil to DieDevil to DieDevil to DieDevil to DieDevil to Die

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Download Devil to Die free

Devil to Die download .apk Devil to Die 55,94 Mb
Devil to Die
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.1.3
  • 24.03.2018
Скачиваний: 16
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Devil to Die

Android version:
4.0 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
24 September 2016
Last updated:
24 September 2016
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