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Fergus The Fly download .apk Fergus The Fly 13,63 Mb
Fergus The Fly
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.0
  • 17.10.2016
Скачиваний: 140


Arcade puzzle game . After in 2010 the company "ZeptoLab" together with "Chillingo", published at first glance unremarkable logical 2Dpuzzle game called "Cut the Rope", and earned her more than nine million dollars, many developers want to repeat their success. And what do you think? After a couple of months, Play Market like mushrooms after the rain, began to appear one after the other games like "Cut the Rope" mechanics based on the laws of physics. So, it is so, but the trouble is that almost all developers, so as not to break his head, he just copied the original gameplay from "ZeptoLab", only slightly modifying some of the levels, with the result that we with you instead of novelties received hundreds of clones. Although, sometimes among these clones fall and standing projects, such as our current novelty.


The history of the game «Fergus The Fly» from the company "NoHintGames", tells us about the nimble little fly named Fargus, who lived does not grieve, flew here and there until one day by chance falls into a treacherous web by a giant spider. Another would be in its place is a little pobarahtavshis folded the wings, and would wait for their fate, but Fargus decided that his song is still not sung, he broke away from the tenacious shackles, and even being almost completely uvazoval in the web, began to look for a way out. It is here that he spotted the little fireflies that also, as he got lost in the basement, then after weighing all the pros and cons, we decided to take them with us, so they in the end reach the green lawns, helped him to extricate himself from the web cocoon.


In fact, the essence of this novelty, each of the forty-five locations, you should use elastic webs of the cocoon, which wrapped Fargus, to shoot them so that jumping from stud to stud (passing over any protruding objects, our hero will automatically be for them to cling to their webs), to collect on the way the fireflies. I guess this is fine? But you are wrong here, first, if you pass by nails or breakers not tripping over them, your character falls from a great height on the floor and break, and secondly, in some locations in order to not bore you, for you are being chased by spiders, and it means that you have virtually no time to think.


If you like logic puzzles with arcade style gameplay is based on physics laws, you know, the game «Fergus The Fly» this is exactly what you need.

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Fergus The FlyFergus The FlyFergus The FlyFergus The FlyFergus The FlyFergus The FlyFergus The Fly

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Download Fergus The Fly free

Fergus The Fly download .apk Fergus The Fly 13,63 Mb
Fergus The Fly
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.0
  • 17.10.2016
Скачиваний: 140
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Переходов: 27
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Fergus The Fly

Android version:
2.3 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
17 October 2016
Last updated:
17 October 2016
Arcade, Logic
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