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Epic multiplayer strategy . Many of his contemporaries, looking through a century of troubles in the middle ages, truly think that at that time the kings lived happily ever after, and bathed in luxury, abruptly modern oil tycoons. But is it really? Of course not! In fact, the kings had pretty tight, they are almost constantly on the move, took a direct part in the life of their possessions and living in them, and never shirked from fighting external enemies, instilling his presence on the battlefield courage of his troops. By the way, do you think you personally would be able to cope with all the above listed duties?


According to a brief history of the game «King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare» we learn that in one of the epic battles with their enemies, fell death of the brave king Arthur, and now his once great Kingdom of avalon, is mired in turmoil and civil wars for the throne. So, where is this going. We think you have a good chance to take the throne, Arthur, was to carry on his initiatives, especially because of you this fight is ready to support himself Merlin, great mage of Camelot, and Keeper of Excalibur. Well, how about that?


So, if you decided to accept our offer, then get ready to enter into an unequal battle with tens of thousands of competitors to the throne (since the game is multiplayer, and translated into almost all languages, it is played around the world, and this means that the number of pretenders to the throne growing every day). Yes, frankly, to wage war simultaneously in all directions is quite difficult, but still possible, especially if you manage to collect the other players and unite them in a single army to start systematically step by step to destroy their enemies. By the way, if you have previously played in such projects, and we are more than confident that lapping to the gameplay of this game certainly will not cause you any problems.


Well, that's probably all that we were going to tell you about the game «King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare» from the company "Diandian Interactive Holding", it remains only to add that unlike many of its competitors it has more impressive graphics, and plenty of opportunities, ranging from foreign trade, to participation in large-scale battles with several players.

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King of Avalon: Dragon WarfareKing of Avalon: Dragon WarfareKing of Avalon: Dragon WarfareKing of Avalon: Dragon WarfareKing of Avalon: Dragon WarfareKing of Avalon: Dragon WarfareKing of Avalon: Dragon WarfareKing of Avalon: Dragon WarfareKing of Avalon: Dragon Warfare

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Download King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare free

Скачиваний: 41
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King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare

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4.0 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
20 October 2016
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20 October 2016
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