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Box Island download .apk Box Island 81,79 Mb
Box Island
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 2.2.1
  • 20.03.2018
Скачиваний: 162


Puzzle game is an educational programming . As once said by the great Steve jobs, founder of Apple, NeXT, and the Studio "Pixar": programming should be able to every person, because programming teaches you how to think. So, to be honest, we fully agree with these words, and even more than that, we believe that children must be taught this science at school. That may be so, but the question is: how can be interested in this programming, in primary school, if they're one and all restless, not willing to learn, and fun? Don't know? But the guys from the company "Radiant Games" find the answer to this question, they are created for kids exciting game, which put the basics of programming. So, you want to look at this miracle?


Before we now start the review game «Box Island», you should definitely say that she managed to appear on the Internet, as it is immediately bombarded with all sorts of awards the global value ("Parents_Choice_Awards_2016", "Best_Fun: Nordic_Game Awards_2016", "International_Serious_Play_Awards_2016"), and rave reviews from critics in such popular publications as the Guardian, Techcrunch, Adweek, and Mashable, as you know, speaks volumes. In General, the guys from "Radiant_Games" was not a game but a real hit, but what is it so good that its still touted right and left?


On the basis of the brief history of this news, we learn that the wondrous fairy island, which is inhabited by friendly creatures of the cubic form, landed evil red squares that kidnapped a friend of our main character. So, in order to save him, you will need to help him get neither more nor less than a hundred colorful levels, each of which to run the script, you need to learn the basics of programming and learn to use them (the loops; branching; algorithms; recognition of patterns; sequence; debugging, and so on). So, in other words, in each of the scenes, your task will be to use the arrows, functions and other options on the right side in the game menu, to program the actions of the main character so that he, after pressing the "Play" was able to reach the coveted three stars, bypassing his foes. I guess it's not interesting? And in vain, because after playing in this new product at least ten minutes, then you will not be able to break away from her until you have her completely!


If you're a fan of puzzle games, which are not averse to learn the basics of programming, then you should definitely play «Box Island», especially because at the moment it has no analogues, and thus is the founder of a new gaming direction.

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Box IslandBox IslandBox IslandBox IslandBox IslandBox IslandBox Island

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Download Box Island free

Box Island download .apk Box Island 81,79 Mb
Box Island
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 2.2.1
  • 20.03.2018
Скачиваний: 162
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Переходов: 117
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Box Island

Radiant Games
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4.4 and higher
Tablet, Smartphone
23 October 2016
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23 October 2016
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